Drug Testing Facts And Secrets.

Effective Products That Will Help Pass A Drug Test.

Always Test Clean has identified the best products available with literally millions sold over the years to help pass a dug test.  We do not offer a confusing lists of similar products to pass your drug tests.  We only offer the tried and proven products we can be sure will help pass your drug test with confidence.

Choose The Product That Will Help Pass A Drug Test With Confidence.

Urine Drug Test

Find Out How Instant Clean Will Help Pass A Drug Test For Urine.

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  • Cleans All Urine


Hair Drug Test

Instant Clean To Pass A Drug Test For Hair.

  • For Any Length Hair
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  • 3 Part Shampoo

Saliva Drug Test

Instant Clean To Pass A Drug Test For Saliva (Mouth Swab).

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Blood Drug Test

Instant Clean To Pass A Drug Test For Blood.

  • Two Part System
  • Cleans All Blood
  • Works For Urine Too


You Can Permanently Detoxify Your Body In 5 Days.

Ever Clean can totally detoxify your body of all drugs, medications and common toxins in just 5 short days.  Once you reintroduce toxins, you will forever feel better, look better and Always Test Clean.

Ever Clean has been prescribed by many Health Professionals for general detoxification around the world. It is a common off-the-shelf-product in the healthcare industry. You even see it in hospitals. Ever Clean’s ability to detoxify the body to pass any drug test is just a real nice side effect in which we all can take advantage. No one will know or care you have let Ever Clean detoxify your body.

Unlike other products specifically designed to fool a urine drug test by adding all kinds of oddball and potentially dangerous chemicals, Ever Clean is all natural.

 HAIR DRUG TEST:  Ever Clean Can Not Help You For A Hair Drug Test.  You must use Ultra Clean Shampoo.


The Only Ways To Help Pass A Drug Test.

There are just four basic strategies to help pass a drug test.  Your ability to pass a drug test will be based upon one of the four strategies below and just one of these four.  Each strategy has its own unique risks and challenges to beat a drug test.  You must choose your own path.  Our goal is to provide you with the information that will help you understand critical information about each of the four major drug tests, help you avoid their strengths while taking advantage of their weakness.  

Based upon the fact you are here on this website, we can probably eliminate strategy 1 and 4.  It is too late to avoid drugs all together and you do not have the time to let the drugs naturally clear from you body.  That leaves 1) Trusting Your Fate To Chance or 2) Going With The Proven Technology to detox your body.  To check out the proven technologies Click Here.

  1. Waiting Until Your Body Clears The Drugs Naturally Will Help Pass A Drug Test.Wait Until Your Body Clears The Drugs Naturally.  Drugs will naturally clear out of your system over a period of time.  The drug detection time to pass a drug test can be from a few days many months depending on the drug, the drug test you face, as well as many personal factors.  Click Here for a complete list of drug detection times and factors that affect your drug detection times.
  2. Not Trusting Your Fate To Luck Or Urban Legends Will Help Pass A Drug Test.Trust Your Fate To Luck Or Urban Legends.  The tricks and techniques that once worked to help you pass a drug test no longer are reliable.  Various urban legends, myths and tricks have been running around for years for passing a drug test.  Legends like just drink a lot of water, place something in your urine or even using synthetic urine are all well-known and are easily detectable. The tests and testing procedures have long ago been modified to counteract these strategies.  For more information on these Urban Legends And Myths Click Here.
  3. Using The Correct Detox Product That Works Will Help Pass A Drug Test.Use A Detox Product That Works.  This is the only sure way to pass a drug test in the short-term.  The proven way to pass any drug test is to use a detoxification product. To be sure there are many detox products that are available and they are not all created equal.  The ones to use are the industry leaders that have evolved with the drug testing technology, are not illegal to use and have been used literally by million of people for overall body detoxification.  Click Here for the best products to use to help pass a drug test with confidence.
  4. Not Doing Drugs Is Not A Sure Way To Pass A Drug Test.Don’t Do Drugs. This strategy to pass any drug test is obvious.  But even this is always not enough.  About 5% of all people fail their drug tests and are not guilty.   This is called a false positive drug test.  The real bad thing is you are not only judged guilty on the spot, but it is up to you to prove your innocence.  Common prescriptions, over the counter medications and even foods can be wrongly identified as illegal drugs or other drugs of concern.  Click Here for more information on false positive drug tests and the products that can cause them. 

The Information That Will Help Pass A Drug Test.

The Drug Test You Face Is A Key To Helping You Pass A Drug Test.

The drug test you face is critical to helping you pass a drug test.  Each screening has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.  Each screening has its own unique strategies, products and techniques.  Your first step to pass a drug test is to learn about which one you will be facing.  Click On The Test Below And Learn What You Need to Know About Your Test.

The Drug Tests.


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