Learn To Detox For Drug Testing

To Detox For Drug Testing Is Not Easy.  To detox for drug Detox For Drug Testing whether you use a Detox Drink Or Detox Pill.  Detox Cleanse for a drug test for urine, hair, saliva or blood with guaranteed success. testing requires specific knowledge and the right strategy.  To detox for drug testing is a complicated process where not everything always goes right and not everything is under your control. However, with the right knowledge and the right strategy, drug detox can be assured.

All detox for drug testing is based upon the contaminates you have consumed, the specific strategy you choose, as well as your personal habits, body fat and your overall health.  The things out of your control are the specific lab, the drug testers, their skill and the type of test you face.  All these factors must be blended to assure a complete drug detox.

All Detox For Drug Testing Is Based Upon Science And Not Urban Legends.  To detox for drug testing you must rely on the science and you must follow your plan exactly. The good news is that the overwhelming majority of the people who follow our advice to detox for drug tests pass with flying colors.  Very few fail.  The ones that fail can usually be attributed to them not following the plan. The urban legends for drug detox are just too risky and should never be counted on to detox for drug testing effectively.

We Are The Experts.  We Know The Best Drug Detox Strategies.  This entire website is here to give you the strategies, facts and products we have found that provide the best chance for you to drug detox.  Read it, learn it and you will know more than the majority of the other people claiming to be the experts. This comprehensive knowledge has been gathered over the past 15 years from industry experts, published scientists, as well as over 100,000 customer experiences.  You are in good hands with Always Test Clean.

Time Well Spent.  Take the time out to study the information on this website and you will be ready best way to detox period.


Understanding Your Drug Test

There Are Only Four Ways To Detox For Drug Testing.  All of the volumes of information written on the best to detox for drug testing boils down to these four simple strategies.  You will need to bet your fate on your pick.

Choose Carefully:

  1. Wait Until The Drugs Clear Naturally.  Drugs will naturally clear out of your system over a period of time. The time frame to detox for drug testing can be from a few days to over three months depending on the specific drug.  If you have the time and if you do not reintroduce any new drugs, this will detoxify your body completely.
  2. Trust Your Fate To Luck, Myths Or The Many Urban Legends. The simple tricks and techniques that once worked to help you detox for drug testing no longer are reliable.  Do not trust the internet marketing, your friends or any other unqualified people.  They continue to foster these myths, urban legends and rumors.  We have found all of these strategies to be less that reliable.
  3. Trust The Science.  The science to detox for drug testing is relatively simple and inexpensive when compared to the alternative which is failure.  To detox for drug testing is a mature science and there have been very few changes to the technology over the past decade.  Sure, we now have a lot more drugs for which we can test.  But the underlying technology is basically the same.  Choose your detoxification product wisely, follow a few simple strategies and you have done the most one can do.
  4. Don’t Do Drugs. This strategy to detox for drug tests is obvious.

Drug Tests Are Not Infallible.  This is the drug testers dirty little secret.  There has been many a person who failed with no clue as to why and with little or no recourse to prove their innocence.

  1. Many Have Failed A With No Clue As To Why.  It is understood that about 5% of all people fail and are not guilty. That is 5 out of every 100 people fail. The really bad thing is they are not only judged guilty on the spot, but it is up to you to prove your innocence.  Common prescription medications, over the counter medications, various foods, vitamins supplements, diseases, as well as even their ethnic background or second hand use can be wrongly identified as illegal drugs or other drugs of concern.
  2. The Drug Testing Labs Have Problems.  There are currently over 1,000 drug testing labs in the United States.  Studies have shown that less than a 100 of these labs meet federal standards and most states do not regulate their testing labs.  Some of these labs are suspected of false drug tests as high as 7% due to bad training, bad testing procedures, faulty tests or just incompetence.  Get the wrong lab and/or the wrong drug tester and you just might be in trouble.
  3. Many times You Are The Problem.  Let’s be honest here.  We are talking high tech. Don’t try to take a short cuts.  Don’t try to second guess the strategies or blend strategies.  Follow through with the instructions.  The better you follow the strategies the better the results.  The more you change the strategy, the more you lower your chances of detoxing your body.  Almost all the failures of our strategies can be traced back to the user not following the strategy as prescribed.
  4. Ask For A Second Test.  Keeping the above issues in mind you might want to ask for a second test if you frail the first one.  Urine tests are the least accurate of the four major tests. Use this to your advantage if you end up failing your first screening.  Once you’ve failed, there’s no harm in asking for another chance.  Say you disagree with the results and would like to take another.  Be insistent on your innocence and keep pushing for that second one and in many cases, they will let you.  Beware.  A second failure could remove all chances for an appeal.
  5. Consider A Challenge If You Don’t Pass. You might be able to challenge the test if it wasn’t administered properly.  Review your company’s policy and your state’s laws to make sure they match up.  You might be able to get the test thrown out, giving you an opportunity to take it again at a later date after your body has had a longer chance to rid itself of the offending drug.

There Are Only Four Main Types Of Drug Tests.  You could be facing one or more of these tests.  Each of these drug tests has their own unique weaknesses in which we can take advantage and each of these drug tests has their own unique strengths that we must avoid. We will provide you the tools needed to make your way through the types of drug tests.  Follow our advice and you will have increased your chances to detox for drug testing to the maximum level possible.


How To Pass A Urine Drug Test.The urine drug test is the most common due to its simplicity to administer, accuracy and quick results. The common urine test is also the easiest to beat with the right strategy.


How To Pass A Hair Drug Test.The hair follicle drug test can detect drug usage in any hair on the body at the time the drug was consumed.  The hair follicle drug test can also tell when and how much of a specific drug was used.


How To Pass A Mouth Swab Saliva Drug Test.The saliva drug test can be given anytime, anywhere and the results are accurate and immediate.  The saliva drug detection times are generally shorter than the urine test.


How To Pass A Blood Drug Test.Blood drug tests are accurate and are administered by a heath care professional usually for insurance or law enforcement.  NOTE:  Expect a urine drug test at the same time.


 Why Test Your Self First?

Test Yourself First And See If You Will Pass A Drug Test.Test Yourself First And Know If You Will Pass. This is primarily for urine drug testing.  Over the counter drug tests for saliva, hair or blood are not available at a reasonable cost for the casual user.  However, if you are taking the urine drug test, it is a real good idea to test yourself right before to know if you will pass.  This would be a critical indicator of what you could be facing and allow you to plan for the confrontation.  In fact, this is so critical we include urine drug testing with each urine cleansing product we provide.  These tests are simple to administer yourself and the tests and the results are the same as at your lab based drug test.  Know before you go and be sure to detox for drug testing completely.


 How To Pass Legally And Undetected.

Learn How To Manage Your Risks To Pass A Drug Test.What Is An Adulterated Drug Test?  Drug testing adulteration is defined as the tampering or manipulation of the test with the intention of altering the test results.  Adulteration is most prevalent in urine drug testing and that is where most drug testers are on the defense.  Sample adulteration is usually achieved by substitution, dilution or the addition of adulterants including so called “masking agents” sold commercially.

The use of adulterants to detox for drug testing can cause false results by either interfering with the sample and/or destroying the drugs present in the urine. Dilution or drinking an abundance of water before your test may also be used in an attempt to produce negative test results.The drug testers can test for adulteration or dilution is to determine certain characteristics of your urine.  It is neither hard or expensive.  In fact, all DOT drug tests as well as most state, government  and court ordered testing requires adulterate testing.  Examples of adulterate testing include checking the levels of creatinine, pH and specific gravity.  They also look to detect the presence of glutaraldehyde, nitrite and various oxidants in the urine.

The Drug Testers Know All The Tricks The people who design the tests and the people who give the tests know all the same tricks you know and more.  The tests and testing procedure have long ago been modified to reduce these trick’s impact as much as possible. People that use these tricks and pass are called “lucky” as the science just does not support their passing using these tricks.

Stall As Much As Possible If You Have Time.  With the ever increasing time between when you last used drugs and the date of your drug testing, your chances of passing go up.  If you have any time at all to prepare, use it wisely and stop using drugs until you’re well in the clear.  No matter what type of drug you’ve been using, you need to put as much time as possible between when you last used the drug and your drug test.

Get Detox Products Are Legal To Own, To Use And Can’t Be Detected.  All products are not created equal. All of our products to detox for drug testing are composed of ingredients you might see in everyday life.  Our products also do not alter any of the markers that the adulteration tests sample.  Our products have been prescribed by many Health Professionals for general detoxification around the world with hundreds of thousands sold.  They are common off-the-shelf-product in the healthcare industry. You even see them in hospitals.

Take Advantage Of The Side Effect.  Our products ability to detox for drug testing is just a real nice side effect of whole body detoxification in which we all can take advantage. No one will have the least bit of concern over your use of our products. No one can detect you have used these products. They are all natural ingredients that make your job to detox for drug tests easier and undetectable.


 The Drug Testers And What To Expect At Your Drug Test.

What To Expect At Your Drug Test.The best detox strategy to detox for drug testing is based upon the drugs you have consumed, the specific strategy you choose, as well as your personal habits and health.  Out of your control are the drug testers, their skill and the type of drug testing you face.

The Drug Testers

What Can An Employer to Do?  Employers do have a right to do randomized drug testing on a regularly scheduled basis or under the premise of reasonable suspicion.  Employers may also request a test within a short window so the employee is unprepared to cheat on their drug test. Employers also have the option to test with any choice of tests.  The urine drug testing is not their only legal option.  You might want to always be ready to detox for drug testing with the threat of random drug testing. This is primarily why most of our products are available in three packs at a much lower cost than a single product.

Pre-employment: Prospective employees usually have no legal right to challenge a pre-employment drug test. An employer can generally require you to take a test as a condition of employment, as long as they follow the rules. If you don’t want to take the test, you can take yourself out of the running for the job.  That is pretty much your only solution to taking the drug test.  Your only to solution this problem is to utilize a strategy to beat that drug test.

Employee:  Workers who are already employed may be able to challenge their employers’ drug testing plans in certain situations depending on labor law and local regulations. Avoid signing anything that gives your employer the right to arbitrarily test you. However, stating your objections might only make the employer suspicious. If you think you are being unjustly tested, you may have cause for legal action. Some jurisdictions forbid on-the-job drug testing except in safety-sensitive position, but they are rare.

Why Do Employers Drug Test?

  • Deter employees from abusing alcohol and drugs.
  • Prevent hiring individuals who use illegal drugs.
  • Be able to identify early and appropriately refer employees who have drug and/or alcohol problems.
  • Provide a safe workplace for employees.
  • Protect the general public and instill consumer confidence that employees are working safely.
  • Comply with State laws or Federal Regulations.
  • Benefit from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount programs.
  • Legally Reduce Their Legal Liability.

Talk To A Lawyer:  If you need the advice of a lawyer, we have provided a List Of Lawyers In Your Area skilled in drug laws.


The Drug Testing Process

You Will Probably Not Know Which Drugs Will Be Tested.  It is always safe to assume that if you are concerned about a certain drug, it will be on your test.  This is an area where one should never take a risk.

Which Drugs Can Be Tested?  There are an almost unlimited number of drugs that a given test can look to detect.

The Basic Drug Test.  The most common drug tests contain the big five: Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Opiates and PCP.  This includes any substance that contains any amount of that drug or its derivatives.  This is the one you can expect for a DOT Drug Test (Department of Transportation) or most any federal, state or local government agency.

The Enhanced Drug Test.  There are other drug tests that are available in an amazing combination of drugs from one single drug up to 14 specific drugs.  These drug tests often do not cost much more than a basic drug test.  Many employers will just choose one of these enhanced drug tests primarily for liability issues.  Most legally mandated tests include more than the big five.  One just does not know how many more or which ones.

These combination drug tests could include any combination of the following drugs: Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine (PCP), Barbiturates, Benzodiazepenes, OxyContin / Oxycodone, Methamphetamine (Meth | Crystal Meth), Buprenorphine, Methadone, MDMA (Ecstasy), Propoxyphene (PPX), as well as Tricyclic Antidepressants.  All these drug tests will detect any amount of any substance that contains one of these drugs.

What Can The Drug Testers Determine?  The drug testers can determine which drug has been used and which ones have not been used.  Except for a specific hair drug test, the urine, saliva or blood test can not tell when or how much of a specific drug was used.  A specific and expensive hair drug test can determine not only which drug was consumed, but also when and how much. All hair drug tests can detect drugs in any hair growing on your body when the drug was consumed.  This means if you have hair 18 inches long, the detection period could go back about 12 months.   These are enhanced hair drug tests are not usually requested.

Conclusion.  The drugs you will be tested for are completely up to the people giving the tests.  This is why you will never know which drugs you will be tested for with complete confidence.  It is best to be prepared to be tested for any drug.

What To Expect At Your Urine Drug Test.  If the facility is typical, you’ll start by replacing your street clothing with a gown. Sometimes this does not happen, but be prepared.  An escort will most likely take you a restroom where the faucets might be turned off and colored water might add to the toilet water to reduce the likelihood of your tampering. Your escort might also watch you urinate or remain nearby. It is usually illegal to watch you urinate unless the urine drug testing has been ordered by a court.  

Your urine sample is often tested at the facility with a simple device, but not always. Again, be prepared for an immediate result. The urine screening device is dipped into the sample of your urine. A pass or fail result is provided within a few minutes.  If you do not pass a urine drug test or if there could be legal ramifications or if you protest the results, the drug testers might send the sample to a lab to confirm the results with more sophisticated tests.

  • Urine Drug Test:  An employee is usually sent to a lab for a urine drug test.  The test is usually scheduled a few days in advance. The test takes less than an hour unless you are under suspicion of drug use on the job.  Then you might be escorted to the drug testing facility.  The results are either immediate or it takes a few days depending on the lab. The drug testing lab makes the determination of the pass or fail for the urine drug test.  
  • Saliva Drug Test:  The saliva drug test can be administered by the employer at the employment site at any time.  The result is immediate.  You might have no warning.  Many times you are sent off for another type of test for confirmation if you first fail the saliva drug test.  
  • Hair Drug Test:  The hair dug test must be sent off to a special drug testing lab.  The hair drug testing is usually scheduled a few days to a week in advance. Any hair on one’s body can be used.  Being bald does not help and in fact could make the detection time longer. Hair drug testing usually looks for drug usage in the 90 days before the test.  However, the test can reach back much farther in some circumstances.  The results might take a week or more.  
  • Blood Drug Test:  The blood drug test must be administered by a health care professional and the results can take a week or longer.  The test is usually scheduled a few days to a week in advance.  This test can be administered at the place of work, a health care facility or ever at one’s home.  Usually urine drug testing is administered at the same time and those results also might take a week or longer.

Detox For Drug Testing With Confidence

All our products are the Gold Standard to detox for drug testing. All of our products are composed of ingredients you might see in everyday life.  Our products have been prescribed by many Health Professionals for general detoxification around the world with hundreds of thousands sold over the years.  They are common off-the-shelf-product in the healthcare industry. You see them in hospitals, detox clinics and health clubs.

Products That Can Not Be Detected. Our products ability to detox for drug testing is just a real nice side effect of detoxification in which we all can take advantage to detox for any drug test.  They are composed of all natural ingredients that make your job of drug testing detox easier and undetectable. No one cares if you use them.

Urine Drug Test

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Hair Drug Test

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Saliva Drug Test

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Blood Drug Test

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Do Detox Drinks For A Drug Tests Work?

Detox Drinks Work Fine, But Are Older Technology.  However, they do have some downside.  Ready Clean, XXtra Clean And PreCleanse From Detoxify.Detox drinks for a drug test are basically an older technology.  Effective but older.  Detox Drinks have been around for many decades and some still swear by them.  

We still do provide detox drinks for a drug test in the form of Ready Clean and XXtra Clean.  They have been around since the early 1990’s. Both of these products require a PreCleanse to reach maximum effectiveness which requires significantly more time before your test.  They are also quite bulky, cost a lot to ship to you and have a limited shelf life.  We prefer the newer technology which are the Detox Pills.


Why Are Detox Pills Better?

We Currently Recommend Detox Pills.Instant Clean To Pass A Urine Drug Test.  They contain all the ingredients of the detox liquid as well as the PreCleanse in one easy to use 3 capsule system.  The time between when you start your detoxification program and the time you can take your test is also somewhat shortened when compared to a Detox Drink.  

The (3) detox pills in Instant Clean are also much easier to take with you to the office or when traveling, are quick to become effective and they cost less to ship to you.  Everything being equal we recommend the detox pills over the detox liquid.  You can make your own choice.


Detox Shampoo For A Hair Follicle Drug Tests

If you are facing a hair follicle drug test you are facing a monster.  The hair drug test is the gold standard of drug testing.  Hair follicle drug testing is a method that can detect drug use over a relatively long period of time.  Hair drug testing is often used for highly safety-critical positions where there is zero tolerance of illegal drug use.

Currently the only way to beat a hair follicle drug tests with a shampoo. Not any shampoo, but Ultra Wash Shampoo.  Do not let anyone tell you that the drug can be removed from your hair follicle itself.  It can not without destroying your hair.  

Ultra Clean Shampoo does not try to chemically dig into your hair to forcible remove anything.  Ultra Clean Shampoo sits on the surface of your hair and even includes a conditioner to leave your hair clean and manageable.  The testers are trained to look for hair the it stressed as a red flag to someone trying to beat their hair drug test.  If you are facing a hair follicle drug test, go with Ultra Clean Shampoo as your best bet.


Permanent 7 Day Cleansing Detox

The absolute best 5-day detoxifying product that we offer is Ever Clean. Ever Clean is intended for those with low to moderate toxicity, seeking to cleanse their body permanently.  Permanently means as long as you do not introduce new contaminates into your system.

Ever Clean Detox Program Is For A Lifestyle Change.  Our lifestyles can put our health and even our freedom at risk.  As we have discussed, the body is normally quite capable of detoxification on its own. However, rising stress levels, lack of exercise, constipation, poor diet, lifestyle choices, as well as the ever-increasing levels of toxins in our environment is often too much for our bodies to handle.  Ever Clean Detox is designed to completely detox your body with a simple five-day detoxification program. Get the bad out and start rebuilding a healthy lifestyle today.

5 Days And You Are Clean Forever.  After completing the Ever Clean Detox in 5 days you will have removed all toxins from your system. You will be toxin free until you choose to reintroduce new ones. This removal of toxins includes prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, caffeine residue,


Detoxify Your Body Everyday And Stay Ready For A Drug Test. Constant Cleanse From Detoxify To Cleanse Your Body Each And Every Day.If you are going to reintroduce new contaminates at some point, if you do not know when or if you will face a test or if you are going to continue to contaminate your body, we suggest you look toward Constant Cleanse to keep your body detoxified at any time and all the time.  One pill per day with your daily vitamin routine, a bit more water and some discipline is all you need to be ready at any time for any test.


Drug Detox Facts, Fiction And Home Remedies.

Urban Legends, Myths & False Facts That Are Trouble. There are a bunch of urban legends, myths and rumors that have been running around for years that are supposed to help Detox For A Drug Test. Like just drink a lot of water or substitute something in your urine.

What Doesn’t Work – The Myths

Think About Your Chances.  If Learn How To To Detox For Drug Testing In 24 Hours Or Less.you know these tricks, then the drug testers also know those tricks and more.  The drug testers also know how to deal with these tricks. The drug testers have long ago adjusted the tests and testing methods to compensate for the naive people using them.

The Real Truth:  If you pass a drug test using one of the following, you are just one of those lucky people.  Nine out of ten people would not have passed, but the tricks are still getting the credit and the urban legends live on.

These Urban Legends Just Won’t Die.

  • Drinking Lots Of Water
  • Taking Gold Seal Rumor
  • Substitute Synthetic Urine
  • Substitute Someone Else’s Urine
  • Bleach In Your Urine
  • Visine In Your Urine
  • Ammonia In Your Urine
  • Drano In Your Urine
  • Drinking Lots Of Cranberry Juice
  • Taking Niacin
  • Drinking Vinegar
  • Drinking Surejell Or Certa
  • Drinking Ginger Root Tea
  • Taking Creatine Pills
  • And More Myths

And yes, you can fail a marijuana drug test from second hand smoke.

Many of these urban legends,myths and tricks appear to be driven by people just wanting to sell you some product or just by well-intentioned people who do not understand entirely the drug testing process. Don’t fall for these tricks to detox for drug testing just to save a few dollars.  Learn, understand and trust the science. Knowledge is your best friend when it comes to detoxification for a drug test.


What Are The Drug Detection Times?

Drug Detection Times Are Critical.  Learn About Drug Detection Times For All The Major Drugs And The Urine, Hair, Saliva And Blood Drug Tests.Drug Detection Times are one of the most critical aspects to detox for a drug testing.  One must know when a drug can be detected and when the crisis has passed.  Drug Detection Times indicate a point in time in which drug testing can reveal the presence of the drug in your urine, hair, saliva or blood. This includes the time from when the drug can first be detected to the point in time when it will no longer be detectable.

Drug Detection Times Vary Dramatically.  The drug detection times can range from a few hours to many months for say a heavy marijuana user taking a urine drug test or for anyone taking the hair drug test.  The specific drug involved, the length of time you have been using and even on many of your personal health, activity level can also have a major impact on drug detection times.

Learn About What Can Cause A False Positive Drug Test.

What Is A False Positive Drug Test?

A test can report the presence of a specific illicit or prescription drug and the person has not used these drugs. And then it is up to you to prove your Innocence and you are guilty until you do prove it.   It is important that if you facing drug testing, that you give the drug testers a complete and accurate history of all prescription, over the counter drugs as well as any vitamins, dietary supplement or herbal drug use prior to the time of the sample collection. The more the drug testers know about these kinds of things before hand the better.  It might also be a good idea to take any prescriptions with you that have been provided by a doctor.

Real World Example Of A False Positive Drug Test.  Eating a poppy-seed cake or bagel can produce a false positive results for opiates according to a TV episode of “MythBusters“.  Most of the drug testing labs say it can not happen, but the MythBusters proved without a doubt it can. The poppy seeds can lead to false positive drug test for opium for several days.

A Real Scary Issue.  A recent study showed only about 50% of the testers were aware that this issue with poppy-seed bagels could occur.  Can you imagine explaining to the testers you did not use heroin, you just ate a bagel.  Many testers will tell you a false positive is very rare

What Else Can Cause A False Positive Drug Test?

  • Prescription Medications.  Legally Prescribed Medications such as antibiotics like ampicillin and amoxicillin are prime examples. Quite a few prescription pain medications should be of concern.
  • Over The Counter Medications.  Many over the counter medications such as night-time cold medications can cause a false positive test. This is particularly true of the liquid cold relievers as some contain members of the ephedrine family. Some common weight loss products are risky, as well as some nasal sprays and some over the counter asthma products.
  • Foods.  Common foods can sometimes cause a false positive test as proven by the poppy-seed bagel and poppy-seed cake.
  • Vitamins.  Many Vitamins Supplements can cause a false positive test. Riboflavin (B2) can return a false positive test for THC. Many herbs that contain B vitamins should be of concern.
  • Diseases.  Some diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, and kidney infections may register as opiates.
  • Ethnic Susceptibility.  People with dark skin are particularly susceptible to a false positive drug test.
  • Second Hand Use.  Although this is less proven, second-hand use has to be considered for a false positive drug test. The testers again say it can not happen. We know what their word is worth.
  • And More.

What Is Special About Marijuana Detoxification?

Good God There Is So Much Bad Information!  If there in one area that has the most twisted and basically wrong information in drug testing it is the drug detection times for Marijuana.

It is the scientific evidence vs the masses of people with their own agendas.

Please, Please, Please do not believe the that marijuana will not be detectable in your system for an extended period of time.  

Marijuana is one of the most difficult things for your body to process out of your system.  This has been proven in our experience time and time again over the past 15 years. But don’t look only to use.  Look to the true experts.

Let’s Trust The Mayo Clinic And Other Experts Say On  Marijuana Drug Detection Times.  

What We Say On Marijuana Drug Detection Times.

Single Use – 1 – 4 Days – Use once in a month.

Moderate Use – 7 Days – Use 3 – 4 times per week for no more than two weeks and not in a row.

Heavy Use – 14 Days – Use more than 5 times in a week or moderate use for less than 30 days.

Chronic Heavy Use – 30 Days – Heavy use for more than 30 days.

Long Term Chronic Usage – 77 Days – Heavy user for more than 6 months.

This is really where you need to trust the science, ignore the uneducated and be safe as far as the marijuana drug detection times.