Pass A Drug Test Fast.

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Your Key To Pass.

You are up against the proven science of drug testing.  To pass a drug test you must have a basic understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the screening you are facing.  You must understand how to avoid its strengths and take advantage of its weaknesses.  

You can either go with the urban legends and myths heard somewhere or go with proven knowledge, techniques and products that will increase you chances of passing to the maximum level possible.  The choice is up to you and and the information is right here today.


The Most Important Step.

You Must Identify Which Drug Test You Will Be Facing.  Each screening has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.  Each screening has its own unique strategies, products and techniques.  Your first step to pass a drug test is to learn about which one you will be facing.

Choose The Test You Will Be Facing.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test.How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test.How To Pass A Blood Drug Test.How To Pass A Hair Drug Test.


Step Two – Are You At Risk?

Each Drug Has Its Own Unique Drug Detection Time.  Drug detection times indicate a point in time after you last took a contaminate that will reveal the presence of a suspect metabolite in your urine, hair, saliva or blood.  Drug detection times can vary from one hour to a lifetime depending on the drug, the test and on many of your own personal factors such as length of use, frequency of use or even your personal makeup.

Learn About Your Drug Detection Time

Drug Detection Times To Pass A Drug Test.


Step Three – Learn The Do’s And Don’ts

Urban Legends, Myths And Tricks to Avoid.  Various urban legends, rumors, myths, and tricks for passing a drug test have been running around for years having been passed along by friends, acquaintances, flashy websites or other “experts”.  These urban legends might have worked at some point, but not today.  The people giving the tests know all the tricks and are counting on your lack of knowledge. 

Learn What To Do And What Not To Do To Pass A Drug Test.


Step Four – What Can Cause You To Fail?

About 5% Of People Fail Drug Testing And Are Not Guilty.  This can be caused by hundreds of innocent products that are incorrectly identified as drugs of concern.  Many prescriptions, medications and foods can cause you to test positive when you should not.  This is called a false positive drug test and you could be a next.  

What Is The Cause Of False Positive Drug Tests.