How To Pass A Drug Test With Expert Advice.

But the basic science to pass a drug test has not changed much over the years.  A drug test is a relatively simple procedure.  They might have become smaller, cheaper and a lot of new drugs are now testable.

The sure ways to pass a drug test have also not changed much.  They have just been confused and lost in the techobabble and marketing hype over the years.  This article was written to unwind this mess and give you a reasonably sure way to pass your drug test.

Learn What To Do And What Not To Do To Pass Any Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Urine, Hair, Saliva or Blood.There are as many products and strategies to pass a drug test as there are people who profess the latest tricks or product twists.  You must be aware that these old tricks and strategies that no longer work as a way to pass a drug test.

Utilize The Strategy That Works.  Each drug test has its own strengths you must avoid and weaknesses in which you can take advantage.  Also realize, there is no strategy that is absolutely fool-proof.

  1. Learn What To Do.  Increase Your Chances To Pass A Drug Test.
  2. Learn What Not To Do.  Avoid Things That Can Cause You To Fail.
  3. Learn The Facts Not The Myths.  Don’t Fall For The Urban Legends.
  4. Know Your Drug Detection Times.  Know When You Are At Risk.

The people giving the drug tests are counting on your lack of knowledge about drug testing or falling for some urban legend, myth or rumor you heard from a friend or other “Expert” about how to pass a drug test with ease.  They also are counting on the fact most people would rather take a chance of failing a drug test than spend the time and money it takes to pass a drug test.  Passing a drug test is much too important to reduce to chance.

Level The Playing Field And Maximize Chances Of Passing A Drug Test.

If you want to pass a drug test, you are up against the science of drug testing and you must beat the drug test with science.  Each drug test has weaknesses in which you must take advantage and strengths you must avoid.  You must not only know what to do, you must know what not to do. 


Learn How To Pass A Drug Test.

Things To Do To Pass A Drug Test.

Identify The Drug Test You Are Facing.

There are four drug tests that make up a vast majority of the drug tests given today.  The very first thing you need to do is identify the drug test you will be facing and the time frame before your test.  Both of these components are simple, yet critical to know as quickly as possible.

With each drug test there are active strategies and passive strategies you need to consider and implement.  Active strategies are products you can use to affect the drug test itself.  Passive strategies are things you need to do your self to reduce your risk and exposure to the drug test.

Urine Drug Test –  The Urine Drug Test is the most common by far due to its simplicity to administer, accuracy and immediate results.  The common urine drug test is also the easiest to beat.  There are more complex (expensive) urine drug tests that are harder to beat, but these are relatively rare and most often used to confirm a failed test when a legal or financial ramification is possible.

Hair Drug Test –  The Hair Drug Test can detect drug usage in any hair that was growing anywhere on your body at the time you used the drug.  The average drug detection time is about 90 days, but can be longer.  As an example:  If you used 12 months ago , the hair growing at that time is contaminated and can be detected.  The hair drug test can also tell when and how much of a specific drug was used.  However, these specific hair drug tests are rare and quite expensive.

Saliva Drug Test –  The Saliva Drug Test can be given anytime, anywhere and the results are immediate.  The saliva drug test is not affected by the standard “tricks” and “techniques” used to beat the urine drug test.  Because of these advantages to the testers, the saliva drug test is replacing the urine test.  The saliva drug detection times are generally shorter than the urine test. 

Blood Drug Test – The Blood Drug Test is very accurate, is the least used and has very short drug detection times.  It is currently the gold standard of drug testing.  The blood drug test looks for the actual drug component in your blood and not the metabolite your body creates for the specific drug.  The blood drug test is most often given by insurance companies or law enforcement.  You can often expect a urine drug test along with the blood test to provide a more complete overview of the person being tested.


Know The Particulars Of Your Specific Drug Test.

Each drug of concern has its own set of challenges you face.  No one strategy will do for all.  We have consolidated much of the information to many of the drugs most often on the drug tests.  This is an excellent place to start your research on your specific drug of concern and begin the process to pass a drug test successfully.  

Select Your Drug Of Concern



Know Your Drug Detection Times

Knowing if and when you are at risk is an obvious key to pass a drug test.  This is called your drug detection time or window.  All drug detection times vary greatly depending on many factors including:

  • The Specific Drug Of Concern.
  • The Drug Test Being Administered
  • The Duration Of Your Use.
  • The Level Of Your Use.
  • Personal Factors Such As Body Fat, Activity Level, Metabolism And Many Others.
  • Even Your Ethnic Background.

We have compiled a very comprehensive and understandable list of drug detection times so you have another aspect of learning how to pass a drug test.

See Detection Times


Only Use The Best Detox Products

The drug tests have become more sophisticated over the years.  Like everything else in life, technology moves on.  Strategies that once works no longer work reliably.  You need the help of an effective detox product and Always Test Clean has the best.

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Know The Free Things You Can Do To Pass A Drug Test.

The body is a wonderful and efficient machine and the most you can hope for is about a 10% reduction in drug detection times for an individual with a normal amount of body fat by extensive use of the drug removal techniques listed below. If you are in the drug detection window, you are at risk without the use of effective detoxification products.

The following are things you should do before trying to pass a drug test.  The longer you start this process ahead of your deadline, the more effective this strategy is going to be.  Don’t Wait – Get Started Right Now.

  1. Avoid using any toxins and/or any toxic environment before your deadline.  Your first line of defense is always abstinence and avoidance.  If one doesn’t let the toxins in they can not hurt you.
  2. Get yourself the best detox product available.  It is much more desirable to have the protection and not need it than have needed the protection and not had it.
  3. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages And Smoking.
  4. Avoid Any Unnecessary Medications Or Vitamins.
  5. Avoid using any toxins and/or any toxic environment for at least 48 hours before your deadline.
  6. Incorporate any healthy diet the week prior t o your personal deadline. High fat foods, greasy foods (particularly butters, cream sauces, and fried foods) and junk foods slow the detoxification process.
  7. Consume only light meals the day of your personal deadline.
  8. For at least (2) days prior t o the day of your deadline consume the minimum of (4) 16 ounce glasses of water per day. Water is the catalyst for the body’s natural detoxification process. Be careful, do not overdo the water.
  9. Exercise the week before your deadline. Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism which assists greatly in the detoxification process.  Do not exercise the day of your urine or blood screening.Exercise Up To The Day Of Your Test – Not The Day Of Your Test.

Common Questions And Answers Made Simple.

Always Test Clean has been serving the drug testing community on the internet for over 12 years with tens of thousands of satisfied customers who pass any drug test.  Over that time our customers have asked us many questions.  There are a few questions that keep coming up again and again.  We have posted many of these questions with understandable answers below.  If you do not see your question or have one of you own .Ask The Experts.

  • What Are The Laws And Penalties For Marijuana?

    Marijuana Laws And Penalties In Your State.

    This map will guide you to marijuana laws and penalties for prohibited marijuana use in the all 50 states, the District of Columbia and under Federal Law.

     State Marijuana Laws And Penalties.

    Click On Your State 

    Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Washington Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Oregon Marijuana Laws & Penalties in California Marijuana Laws & Penalties in n Idaho Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Montana Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Nevada Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Arizona Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Alaska Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Utah Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Hawaii Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Wyoming Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Colorado Marijuana Laws & Penalties in New Mexico Marijuana Laws & Penalties in North Dakota Marijuana Laws & Penalties in South Dakota Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Nebraska Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Kansas Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Oklahoma Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Texas Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Minnesota Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Iowa Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Missouri Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Arkansas Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Louisiana Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Wisconsin Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Illinois Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Michigan Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Michigan Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Indiana Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Kentucky Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Ohio Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Tennessee Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Mississippi Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Alabama 2Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Florida Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Georgia Marijuana Laws & Penalties in South Carolina Marijuana Laws & Penalties in North Carolina Marijuana Laws & Penalties in West Virginia Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Virginia Marijuana Laws & Penalties in District of Columbia Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Maryland Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Delaware Marijuana Laws & Penalties in New Jersey Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Connecticut Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Connecticut Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Pennsylvania Marijuana Laws & Penalties in New Jersey Marijuana Laws & Penalties in New York Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Vermont Marijuana Laws & Penalties in New Hampshire 7Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Vermont Marijuana Laws & Penalties in New Hampshire Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Maine Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Massachusetts Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Rhode Island Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Massachusetts Marijuana Laws & Penalties in Maryland

    Click Here For Federal Marijuana Laws And Penalties 

  • Can a drug test tell how long ago the drug was taken?

    Yes And No.  Drug of abuse testing by blood, urine, or saliva can only detect whether or not a specific drug or drug metabolite is present at the time the test is performed.  While there are very broad estimates (See Drug Detection Times) as to how long a particular drug may have been in the system.  No fluid based drug test ( Urine Drug Test | Saliva Drug Test | Blood Drug Test ) can detect the time variable.  However, the Hair Drug Test can be utilized to determine historical drug usage.

  • What are the common drugs of abuse and how do they work?

    • Amphetamine: (AMP) Amphetamines are central nervous stimulants whose effects include alertness, wakefulness, increased energy, reduced hunger and an overall feeling of well being.  Large doses and long term usage can result in higher tolerance levels and dependence.  The most common source for amphetamine are the prescription diet pills (Phentermine).
    • Cocaine: (COC) Cocaine is made from coca leaves.  Its effects include alertness, wakefulness, increased energy and an overall feeling of euphoria.  Cocaine may be smoked, inhaled (“snorted”) or injected.  Cocaine can be a very addictive drug.
    • Methamphetamine | Meth: (MET or M-AMP) Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug which is quickly metabolized to amphetamine.  It is used in pill form or in powdered form by snorting or injecting.  Crystallized methamphetamine is inhaled by smoking and is a considerably more powerful form of the drug.  Some of the effects of methamphetamine use include: increased heart rate, wakefulness, physical activity and decreased appetite.  Methamphetamine use can cause irreversible damage to the brain, producing strokes and convulsions, which can lead to death.
    • Opiates: (OPI) Opiates are any of the addictive narcotic drugs derived from the resin of the poppy plant.  Opiates are analgesics (pain reducers) which work by depressing the central nervous system. T hey can also depress the respiratory system. Doctors often prescribe them for severe or chronic pain.  Opiates are very addictive, both physically and psychologically.  Use for only a short time normally results in addiction.  Some commonly used opiates are: Codeine | |Heroin | Methadone | Morphine | Opium | Percodan | Talwin | Dilaudid | Darvon  | Demerol.  Opiates are commonly referred to as “downers”.  Opiates can appear in many forms: white powder or crystals; small white, yellow or orange pills; large colorful capsules; clear liquid and dark brown, sticky bars or balls.  Opiates reduce attention span, sensory and motor abilities, produce irrational behavior, depression, paranoia, and other psychological abnormalities.
    • Oxycodone: (OXY) Also pharmaceutical drugs Percodan, Percocet, Roxicodone, Oxycontin.  While classified as an Opiate, the chemical structure and metabolite of Oxycodone requires a separate Opiate test.  Consequently, a positive test result will not only confirm Oxycodone but other opiates as well.  
    • PCP | Phencyclidine:(PCP) Phencyclidine hydrochloride (or PCP), also known as “angel dust,” is a hallucinogen. PCP is commonly taken orally, by inhalation, by “snorting” or by injection. The effects of this drug are unpredictable and variable. Users may exhibit signs of euphoria, anxiety, relaxation, increased strength, time / space distortions, panic or hallucination. PCP use can lead to paranoia and extreme irrational behavior. Once popular, PCP use has declined dramatically in recent years and is no longer considered a major drug of abuse.
    • Marijuana: (THC) Marijuana, is commonly ingested by smoking, but it may also be eaten.  Marijuana is most commonly the drug of choice among teenagers and young adults.  The hallucinogenic effect of Marijuana can lead to irrational behavior, disorientation, and paranoia.  Low concentrations of THC persists in urine at a detectable concentration for many days after smoking.  Marijuana is the most common recreational drug of abuse.
    • Barbiturates: (BAR) Classified generally as depressants, barbiturates produce a state of intoxication that is remarkably similar to alcohol intoxication. Barbiturate abusers prefer the short-acting and intermediate-acting barbiturates pentobarbital (Nembutal), secobarbital (Seconal) and amobarbital (Amytal). Other short-and intermediate-acting barbiturates are butalbital (Fiorinal, Fioricet), butabarbital (Butisol), talbutal (Lotusate) and aprobarbital (Alurate).
    • Benzodiazepines: (BZO) Benzodiazepines are used therapeutically to produce sedation, induce sleep, relieve anxiety and muscle spasms and to prevent seizures.  Shorter acting benzodiazepines, used to manage insomnia, include estazolam (ProSom), flurazepam (Dalmane), quazepam (Doral), temazepam (Restoril) and triazolam (Halcion). Benzodiazepines with longer durations of action include alprazolam (Xanax), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), clorazepate (Tranxene), diazepam (Valium), halazepam (Paxipam), lorazepam (Ativan), oxazepam (Serax) and prazepam (Centrax).
    • Methadone: (MTD) Although chemically unlike morphine or heroin, methadone produces many of the same effects.  Methadone is primarily used today for the treatment of narcotic addiction.  The effects of methadone are longer-lasting than those of morphine-based drugs.
    • Ecstasy (MDMA): Ecstasy is a designer drug first synthesized in 1913 by a German drug company for the treatment of obesity.  Those who take the drug frequently report adverse effects, such as increased muscle tension and sweating.  MDMA is not clearly a stimulant, although it has, in common with amphetamine drugs, a capacity to increase blood pressure and heart rate.
    • Nicotine: (COT) Most experts and healthcare professionals agree that nicotine is unquestionably the most addictive drug in use today.  The principal source of nicotine is tobacco products.

  • Can prescription drugs or over the counter medication cause me to fail?

    About 5% Of All People Fail Their Test, Are Not Guilty And Are Left To Prove Their Innocence.

    This is often caused by hundreds of products that are wrongly identified as illegal drugs or other drugs of concern. Common prescriptions, over the counter medications and even foods can cause you to falsely test positive.

    This is the testers dirty little secret and there has been many a person who failed a drug test with no clue as to why and with little or no recourse to prove their innocence. If you fail due to a false positive result you must prove yourself innocent. The testers do not need to do anything. Some testers are very helpful and some are not.  For more information on False Positive Drug Tests CLICK HERE.

  • What is the likelihood that the test device is defective?

    Pretty remote as 98% of the time unexpected test results or undeserved failures are the result of user error.  Failure to follow instructions, inadequate sampling, device contamination, failure to use a timer or other user related factors.

  • Why is there a separate test for Oxycodone if Oxycodone is an Opiate?

    Oxycodone (Percodan, Percocet, Roxicodone, Oxycontin) are synthetically manufactured opiates meaning they are not directly refined from the opium poppy resin source.  While the chemicals are similar, detection of synthetic opiate drugs requires a lower sensitivity detection level than that established for non synthetic opiates.

  • What is the difference between Methamphetamine and Amphetamine?

    Both amphetamine and methamphetamine are potent drugs.  Methamphetamine is the parent drug.  It metabolizes (or changes) into amphetamine in the body.  Methamphetamine and / or amphetamine are excreted in the urine.  A positive result for Amphetamine can also be interpreted as a positive test for methamphetamine.  Many times there are two separate tests to determine meth use from amphetamine use.

  • What is Ecstasy?

    Ecstasy (MDMA) has recently become a popular recreational drug among teenagers and young adults.  Ecstasy is refined processed form of amphetamine with a chemical structure closely resembling methamphetamine.  Any test with a target screen for methamphetamine should detect Ecstasy although an Ecstasy (MDMA) specific screen in most often preferred to identify specific usage.

  • Is second hand smoke detection for marijuana possible?

    Yes – No – Maybe.  The jury is out on this one.  It is better to just avoid second-hand smoke as it would be very difficult to prove.

  • What do the test results mean?

    A positive result means that the drug is present in the urine sample at a level above or equal to the amount of drug in the test.  It does not necessarily mean that the individual is intoxicated, since there is no established relationship between the amount of drug in urine and intoxication.  A negative result means that either there is no drug present in the urine sample or the level is below that of the test.

  • How long after taking a drug can it be detected in the urine drug test?

    Drugs vary considerably in how quickly they pass through the body.  This variation depends on the drug; the individual’s metabolism; the frequency of drug use; and the amount of drug ingested.  Depending on these factors, most drugs can be detected in the urine for up to three days after being taken.  Some drugs, such as methaqualone and phenobarbital, however, may be detected for as long as two to three weeks.  Other drugs, such as some amphetamines and secobarbital, pass through the body so quickly that a negative result may be obtained from someone who has recently used the drug.  Studies have shown that due to highly individualized excretory patterns of cannabinoids, consistently negative results may not be seen for several days to more than a month after marijuana use, particularly in the case of heavy use.

  • How Can I Find An Attorney That Knows About Drug Testing?

    This Will Help You Find A Qualified Lawyer In Your State.

    To find qualified lawyer with experience in drug testing choose the state in which you will face your drug test.   To view the list of prohibited conduct and penalties, click the map icon to find qualified lawyers in your jurisdiction.

     Find A Lawyer In Your State.

    Click On Your State. 

    14 lawyers in Washington 10 lawyers in Oregon 66 lawyers in California 2 lawyers in Idaho 1 lawyer in Montana 8 lawyers in Nevada 11 lawyers in Arizona 4 lawyers in Alaska 3 lawyers in Utah No lawyers in Hawaii No lawyers in Wyoming 19 lawyers in Colorado 8 lawyers in New Mexico No lawyers in North Dakota No lawyers in South Dakota 1 lawyer in Nebraska 11 lawyers in Kansas 8 lawyers in Oklahoma 26 lawyers in Texas 4 lawyers in Minnesota 9 lawyers in Iowa 7 lawyers in Missouri 2 lawyers in Arkansas 5 lawyers in Louisiana 14 lawyers in Wisconsin 11 lawyers in Illinois 22 lawyers in Michigan 22 lawyers in Michigan 10 lawyers in Indiana 5 lawyers in Kentucky 13 lawyers in Ohio 5 lawyers in Tennessee 1 lawyer in Mississippi 11 lawyers in Alabama 28 lawyers in Florida 18 lawyers in Georgia 4 lawyers in South Carolina 4 lawyers in North Carolina 4 lawyers in West Virginia 20 lawyers in Virginia 2 lawyers in District of Columbia 12 lawyers in Maryland 1 lawyer in Delaware 13 lawyers in New Jersey 4 lawyers in Connecticut 4 lawyers in Connecticut 12 lawyers in Pennsylvania 13 lawyers in New Jersey 26 lawyers in New York 7 lawyers in Vermont 3 lawyers in New Hampshire 7 lawyers in Vermont 3 lawyers in New Hampshire 1 lawyer in Maine 7 lawyers in Massachusetts 1 lawyer in Rhode Island 7 lawyers in Massachusetts 12 lawyers in Maryland

    • We would like to thank NORML for pro­vid­ing this infor­ma­tion.  Please donate to NORML or become involved if you feel the cur­rent mar­i­juana laws need to be addressed, changed or dropped by CLICKING HERE.



Lean What Not To Do To Pass A Drug Test.

Things Not To Do To Pass A Drug Test.

The Drug Testing Myths And How They Can Hurt You.

Like all technical innovations, the science of drug testing has come along way in the past few years.  The tricks and techniques that once worked to help you pass any nicotine drug test no longer are reliable.  Various urban legends, myths and simple tricks have been running around for years for passing any drug test, including the nicotine drug test.  Legends like just drink a lot of water or place something in your urine are all well-known.  Beware: the tests and testing methods have been adjusted to compensate to a great degree. You are not the first one to hear about them,  The testers know all these tricks and the testers are watching.

Also, the basic person giving your drug test knows little about how the drug test work.  They just know how to read if you have passed or failed and keep a sharp lookout to the most common ways to beat the drug test they are giving.


Urban Legends That Just Won’t Die.

How did these legends get started anyway?  The most common thought is that people who would have passed their drug tests anyway tried one of these “Tricks” and  passed.  They then thought it was the “trick” strategy that got them through  and they started running around telling anyone who would listen.  That person passed on blind luck and not the science.  If fact, in most cases they actually increased their chances of getting caught and that in itself is a major mess.  Some of the urban legends are actually based upon  science, just not implemented in a way that would work reliably.

Rumors That Just Won’t Die To Pass A Drug Test:

  • Drinking Lots Of Water Is All You Need To Do.
  • The Taking Gold Seal, Niacin, Caffeine, Aspirin, Cranberry Juice, Vinegar Rumors Have Been Around For Years.
  • Substituting Synthetic Urine Or Someone Else’s Urine For Your Test.
  • Adding Bleach, Visine, Ammonia or Drano In Your Urine.

Think About It: If you know these tips, then the testers also know the tips and how to deal with them.  The people doing urine drug tests have seen it all.  The tests and testing methods have long ago been adjusted to compensate for their use.  Like everything else, technology to pass a drug test moves forward.

Many of the urban legends, drug test myths and false tips appear to be driven by people just wanting to sell you some product or just by well-intentioned people who do not understand the drug testing process.  Don’t fall for these false tips to pass a drug test just to save a few dollars. Learn, understand and trust the science. Knowledge is your best friend when it comes to passing a drug test.

The Real Truth: People passing a drug test using tricks would have probably passed anyway, but the tricks are still getting the credit.


You Can Fail And Not Be Guilty.

About 5% Of All People Fail Their Test, Are Not Guilty And Are Left To Prove Their Innocence.

This is often caused by hundreds of products that are wrongly identified as illegal drugs or other drugs of concern.  Common prescriptions, over the counter medications and even foods can cause you to falsely test positive.

Certain foods and over-the-counter medications can cause a “positive” for various kinds of drugs.

Some Prime Examples Are:

  • Poppy seeds, for example, can show up on a drug test as morphine.
  • Cold remedies that contain codeine can also cause a positive result for morphine.
  • Valium reportedly can produce erroneous indications of PCP (Phencyclidine), and other cold remedies can apparently produce false reports of methamphetamine usage.
  • The widespread availability of hemp-containing products, including everything from hemp-seed oil nutritional supplements to hemp-seed candy, cookies, cheese, bread, cooking oil, and general seasoning, means that ingesting ANY of these products could potentially cause a false positive result on a test for marijuana.
  • Pain relievers such as Advil, Uprin, Motrin.Menstrual cramp medications like Midol and Trendar.
  • Ibuprofen is known to cause positive for Marijuana.
  • Anti inflammatories such as Naproxyn.Dristan Nasal Spray, Neosynephren, Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed.
  • Over the counter appetite suppressants which contain Propanolamine.
  • Common nasal decongestants can cause a positive reading for Amphetamines.
  • Vicks Formula 44M containing Dextromethorphan and Primatene-M containing Perylamine.
  • Demerol, and prescription anti-depressant Elavil test positive for Opiates up to three days.
  • Quinine water can also cause a positive reading for Opiates.
  • Poppy Seeds represent a potentially serious source of falsely positive results in testing Opiate abuse.
  • Nyquil Nighttime Cold Medicine will test positive for Methadone up to two days.
  • Amoxicillin has caused positives for Cocaine.
  • Diazepam tests positive for PCP.

This is the testers dirty little secret and there has been many a person who have not passed their drug test with no clue as to why and with little or no recourse to prove their innocence.  If you fail due to a false positive result you must prove yourself innocent.  The testers do not need to do anything.  Some testers are very helpful and some are not.  You must handle your false positive situation carefully to turn it around.  For more information see 

False Positive Drug Tests


Questions And Answers On Myths and Legends.

If you do not see your question or have one of you own .Ask The Experts.

  • Should You Add Stuff

    Sample Substitution Or Adulteration has become popular with synthetic urine, drug free urine and a wide range of adulterants available on the internet and over-the counter. Some can be effective, but most are of dubious value as they are easily detectable and illegal to own or use in many cases.  They require controlling the temperature of the urine to a normal level of between about 95 and 100 degrees and the synthetic urine must be used in 4 minutes or less from unpacking.  They also tend not to have the tell tail bubbles on top of the urine and/or have a smell that will alert the testers. For your legal protection it is critical that you do not use these methods for any government or legally required drug test including military, civil service, and especially probation as it could end you up in jail.  Also, many labs and collection sites will reject your specimen if they suspect it is synthetic, might ask you to urinate again under direct observation or send your sample off for a more comprehensive laboratory series of tests.

    Using Some Else’s Urine – If you choose this method, you might want to test the other persons urine before you use it. Did you know there are hundreds of prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and even food that will cause you to fail your drug test? 

     Masking Products — Masking methods are used to defeat a drug test by hiding the drug of concern.  Don’t try to mask the urine sample.  The testers have seen it all and are known to test for commercially available test-masking chemicals.  Most household substances (such as bleach or vinegar) will radically alter the pH of your urine, which will make it obvious that you have tampered with the sample.  Diluting the sample by adding water can also raise red flags by changing the color and/or temperature of your urine; a clear sample will probably be rejected offhand, as will a lukewarm one.

  • Does Drinking Lots Of Water Work?

    No doubt you have heard about dilution for passing a urine drug test.  It is true that it will help remove metabolites from your blood for a short period of time, but drinking lots of water will not remove the metabolites from your fat.  Over time your blood will become recontaminated from the metabolites in your fat.  By overloading your kidneys with water in a short time frame, you dilute your urine to the point where there are not enough metabolites to register on a drug test.  This also flushes key natural ingredients from your system that are typically checked for in a urine drug test.  Visually your urine should not be either clear, not be of a strong or unusual color, nor have any off odors. These markers are obvious to the trained individual.  If they see any of these markers they will surely be suspicious and will probably add tests, reject your sample or find some way to flunk you.

  • The Goldseal Myth

    Goldenseal was never really effective for helping anyone pass a urine drug test.  No one knows where this urban legend started.  The science just does not support this one in any way.

  • Taking A High Dose Of Aspirin.

    High dosages of Aspirin taken before your test sometimes covers THC by creating a false negative. THIS IS ONLY UNDER IDEAL CIRCUMSTANCES, only for the dip test and not for the more comprehensive laboratory tests.

  • Adding Bleach To Your Urine.

    Bleach is another adulterants that routinely used to beat a urine drug test.  Bleach will change the pH to the point you should be dead and bleach can easily be smelled.  Drinking bleach will blind you and maybe even kill you.  There is no reason to have bleach (chlorine) in you urine other than trying to beat a drug test.

  • Taking Niacin

    This myth seems to have started as a result of a book written in the ’70s by L. Ron Hubbard, called ‘Clear Body, Clear Mind’.  In his book, Hubbard (who didn’t have any medical or nutritional training) laid out a detoxification program that he claimed would help people get rid of all the toxins in their bodies, including prescription and non-prescription drugs and pesticides. Niacin was one of the things he recommended. At some point in time, someone probably just thought Niacin = Detox = Pass Your Drug Test and the legend began.

  • Eating Fruits, Drinking Caffeine, Or Use Other Diuretics.

    Eating Fruits, Drinking Caffeine, Or Use Other Diuretics by themselves are useless for passing a drug test.  They are just not strong enough to do the job.

  • Drink Cranberry Juice.

    Cranberry is a mild diuretic.  Somehow it’s reached a legendary status, but there’s nothing magical about cranberry juice.  It is just another urban legend.

  • Drinking Vinegar Or Adding Vinegar To Your Urine.

    Either way, the only thing vinegar does is radically change the PH of your urine and most current drug tests look at pH as an indicator you are trying to beat your drug test.  No one is sure how this one got started. It’s one more home remedy that’s totally useless for passing a drug test.  Also, vinegar can decrease the pH of the urine and increasing its acidity.  This might accelerate the excretion of amphetamine metabolites from the fat cells in your body.

  • Excess Exercise.

    The aim for exercising is to reduce weight to decrease the stored fats in the body. Drug metabolites are stored in the fat cells and reducing weight will decrease the amount of fats stored in the body significantly.  Losing weight (real weight, not just water weight from taking diuretics) helps you cut down on the amount of metabolites your body stores at any given time. The problem with this is that it takes a long time. The best way to use exercise in order to pass a drug test is to maintain a regular work out to reduce weight.

  • Secondhand Smoke.

    Will you fail?  Absolutely – Well Maybe – Absolutely not. The cut off levels for drug detection are said to be set high enough not to cause a failure for second-hand smoke. Will you pass?  It depends on how long and what concentration of smoke is in the environment at the time the subject is exposed. The jury on this on this our so the best advice is don’t risk.

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