How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test.

If you want to learn to pass a saliva drug test you are in the right place.  If you are about to undergo a saliva drug test and are worried about the results, then take a deep breath, relax and get the facts behind the ways to pass a saliva drug test.  You can learn take advantage of the ins and outs of this screening and learn how to pass a saliva drug test with confidence.

Use Ultra Wash Mouth Wash To Pass A Saliva Drug Test.  Swish In Your Mouth And You Will Pass A Saliva Drug Test WiIth Confidence.To Pass A Saliva Drug Test Hard Without Help.

  • The Saliva drug test is a cost-effective method used against you with immediate results. 
  • The saliva drug test is accurate at detecting illegal drugs, as well as prescription and common medications you might not want “them” to know about. 
  • All the home-grown “tricks” that were used for the urine drug test can not be used to pass a saliva drug test.

Use Ultra Wash To Pass A Saliva Drug Test.

You must make all the drugs in your saliva undetectable.   The only way to do this is to use a detox product.  The ideal solution would be Ultra Wash Mouthwash.  Ultra Wash removes all detectable drugs from your saliva quickly and Ultra Wash is not  detectable. 

Just swish in your mouth for a period of time, spit it out and you’re good to go.  Yes, Ultra Wash does cost money.   However, if your objective is to pass a saliva drug test you will need to make this minimal investment.

Ultra Wash is very small and can be kept in your pocket, purse or desk drawer ready for use.  No one would suspect you have a product designed to bet a saliva drug test.


What Is A Saliva Drug Test?

The “Saliva Drug Test” is also known as a saliva test, swab drug test, swob drug test, oral drug test, mouth drug test, or saliva drug screening.  Don’t be confused, they are all the exact same test.

The saliva drug test detects the same metabolites in your saliva as the urine drug test detects in your urine.  These metabolites have been passed from the blood into your saliva.

Most drugs do not linger in saliva and disappear anywhere from a couple of days to a week.  The major exception is THC in saliva.  The marijuana can be detected in long-term heavy marijuana users for up to 30 days.  

Saliva testing is most often used for drug detection in situations where recent drug use must be detected including vehicle and equipment drivers, those involved in workplace or other accid

The Oral Saliva Drug Test is becoming increasingly popular as it is easy to quickly obtain a sample, little or no warning need be given before an oral saliva drug and it does not require much cooperation from the person who is being tested.

  • Who Uses The Saliva Drug Test?  Law Enforcement Agencies can use the saliva drug test to randomly test drivers or other people suspected of using banned substances on the spot.
  • Saliva Drug Test Limitations.  The Saliva Drug Test can not be used to detect when or how much of drug was used.
  • The Home Remedies To Pass A Saliva Drug Test Do Not Work.   The “tricks” used to beat a urine drug test will not work with the saliva drug test.  You must have the help of detox products like Ultra Wash.
  • If You Fail Saliva Drug Testing.  If you test positive for a drug in saliva drug testing you are assumed guilty and you must prove yourself innocent.  The testers need to do nothing.

How Saliva Becomes Contaminated.

How Does The Saliva Drug Test Work?

In everyday life you take in food, air and many contaminates from the environment.  Your body naturally metabolizes (converts) these substances into by products (metabolites) your body uses and then stores the excess mostly fast growing cells (fat, hair, nails, etc.).  These metabolites are trapped proportional to the amount ingested.

This is why all the fluid based drug tests have a Detoxification Window.  You can remove all the metabolites from your blood or saliva, but over time the metabolites again leach out of the fat cells and again contaminate your blood and saliva.  Hence your only can stay in the detoxification zone for a relatively short period of time.

The saliva drug test looks for very small concentrations of these metabolites which can determine which specific drug has been used, but it CAN NOT tell exactly when or how much drug has been used.  Prescriptions, controlled substances and over-the counter medications are also “metabolized” into different “metabolites” by your body and they also become entrapped in your fatty cells.  Some of these metabolites are very similar if not identical to the metabolites of drugs of concern. 

Over time these trapped metabolites leach out of your fatty cells and back into your blood.  From the blood these metabolites leach out into your saliva where they can be detected by the saliva drug test.   


Saliva Detoxification ZoneWhen Will You Pass A Saliva Drug Test.

Saliva Detoxification Window: The Saliva Detoxification Zone is the time your saliva will not have detectable metabolites that can be detected by a saliva drug test.  All detoxification zones have starting points when you can begin to pass a saliva drug test and ending points where you no long will be able to pass a saliva drug test.  This is due to the way the body stores and releases the detectable components the saliva drug test detects.

All products that are designed to pass a saliva drug test are based upon getting someone into a detoxification zone of various kinds and durations.  Like most things, some products are better than others.  Ultra Wash is indisputably the market leader in detoxification for a saliva drug test.

The Saliva Detoxification Zone for Ultra wash starts 10 Minutes after you have finished your ultra wash program.  The detoxification zone extends to a minimum of 60 minutes after your detoxification window opens.  So you will pass a saliva drug test starting 10 minutes after you finish your Ultra Wash program and this window lasts for the next 60 minutes.

After this time, the metabolites in your fatty cells will leach out into your blood and again contaminate your saliva.  This means you would be again at risk of not passing a saliva drug test.


What Are The Drug Detection Times In Saliva?

The drug detection times in saliva could vary widely depending on the drug that is being tested, the amount and history of use, ones body mass, activity level and even ethnicity.  Some drugs present themselves for just a few hours in the saliva while others might last for a few days or even a few weeks.  The duration that a drug will show itself in saliva is not to dissimilar to the duration it might show itself for in urine as deep inside these two tests are really very similar, they just take samples from different sources.

At Always Test Clean we are concerned with you passing a drug test with the least amount of risk possible.  As there are many factors that can effect the drug detection times of a saliva drug test such as amount and duration of use as wells as body type and many other personal factors, we publish the maximum saliva drug test detection times.  In most cases your drug detection time will be less than our published times.  We feel that is the safe way to approach this issue with our users. 

Drug Detection Times In Saliva.

Amphet­a­mines (AMP) 1 – 4 3
- MDA 2 – 7 3
- Meth­cathi­none 2 – 7 3
- Ephedrine / Pseudoephedrine 2 – 7 3
- Inter­me­di­ate Act­ing – Butalbital 2 – 7 3
- Inter­me­di­ate Act­ing – Amobarbital 2 – 7 3
- Short Act­ing – Pentobarbital 2 – 7 2
- Short Act­ing – Secobarbital 2 – 7 2
Buprenor­phine 3 – 8 3
- Buprenex 2 – 4 3
- Norspan 3 – 8 3
- Sub­ox­one 2 – 4 3
- Long Act­ing – Valium 2 – 7 3
- Inter­me­di­ate – lpra­zo­lam / Xanax 2 – 6 3
- Inter­me­di­ate – Lorazepam Ativan 2 – 7 3
- Inter­me­di­ate – Oxazepam 3 – 8 3
- Inter­me­di­ate – Chlordiazepoxide 2 – 6 3
- Inter­me­di­ate – Clonazepam 2 – 7 3
- Inter­me­di­ate – Flunitrazepam 3 – 8 3
- Short Act­ing – Triazolam 2 – 6 2
- Short Act­ing – Flurazepam 2 – 7 2
Cocaine – Crack 1 – 7 3
Codeine 2 – 7 3
Ecstasy 2 3
Heroin 2 2
- Vicodin 2 – 6 2
- Norco 2 – 6 2
- Lortab 2 – 6 2
- Lorcet 2 – 6 2
Ket­a­mine 1 – 4 7
LSD 2 – 6 3
- Sin­gle Use 1 – 4 2
- Casual (1– 3 Times Per Week) 0 2
- Heavy User (3+ Times per Week) 0 4
- Chronic (Longer Than 3 Months) 0 4
- Hashish 1 – 4 4
- Hash Oil 1 – 4 4
Meth (MethAmphetamine) 2 – 7 3
- Des­oxyn 2 – 7 3
Methadone 1 – 4 7
Mor­phine 2 – 7 2 – 7
Mush­room 2 – 6 3
- Nico­tine – Casual User 1 – 4 3
- Nico­tine – Chronic User 0 7
- Lau­danum 1 – 4 2
- Butor­phanol 2 – 7 2
- Sadol 2 – 7 2
- Codiene 2 – 7 2
- Dex­tro­prox­phene 2 2
- Heroin 2 2
- Hydrocodone
- Hydro­mor­phone 2 – 6 2
- Dilaudid 2 – 6 2
- Mor­phine 2 – 7 2 – 7
- Oxy­codone 2 – 7 2
- OxyContin 2 – 7 2
- Percocet 2 – 7 2
- Percodan 2 – 7 2
- Tylox 2 – 7 2
- Oxy­mor­phone 2 – 7 5
- Opana 2 – 7 5
- The­baine 2 – 7 2
- Rox­anol 2 – 7 5
- PCP – Casual User 2 – 6 3
- PCP – Habitual 0 5
Ritalin – Methylphenidate 1 – 4 5
Val­ium 2 – 7 3
- Diazepam 2 – 7 3
Xanax 2 – 6 3
- Alpra­zo­lam 2 – 6 3


Know What To Expect At Your Saliva Test.

Saliva Drug TestYou can be given saliva test at any time, at any place and by anyone.  This is an excellent reason to keep at least on Ultra Wash Mouthwash around at all times so you can be ready for that random saliva test.

A Saliva Test simply involves using a swab that looks very similar to a common toothbrush, but in place of bristles a swab servers to collect the saliva.  The swab is placed between the lower cheek and gum for about two minutes. Once saturated it takes a few minutes to produce a pass or fail on the spot. 

If you receive a positive for any drug you will be considered guilty and appropriate action will be taken without any further discussion unless you tell them in no certain terms you are not guilty.


Fail A Saliva Drug Test.What To Do If You Fail Your Swab Drug Test.

Be ready to tell the people at the testing facility of any and all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications or vitamins you might be taking or have taken in the recent past.  Have a copy of all prescriptions with you at your swab drug test. 

You must act confused and concerned about your failure, but be very believable.  You must ask to be retested with another swab drug test.  Go for the urine screening  if you can.  Remember, the swab drug test is not as legally sound as a urine, blood or hair drug test.



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