How To Pass A Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test Here.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test | What Works | Doesn't Work.Always Test Clean has been helping people successfully learn how to pass a drug test for almost 15 years.  We are the experts and we are here to help you pass your drug test.  

In this article we show you what to do and what not to do to in learning how to pass a drug test.  We will show you how to take advantage of each drug tests weaknesses and how to stay away from the each drug tests strengths.  This is the information you need to learn how to pass a drug test quickly, inexpensively and with the least risk.

How To Pass A Drug Test.

There are methods to help pass a drug test that need to be understood and followed. Whether you need to pass a drug test tomorrow or pass a drug test in the future.  You need to understand the process and make the investment in time and materials that will place you in the driver’s seat for the drug test you are facing.

The Ways To Pass A Drug Test Simplified.

  1. Waiting Until Your Body Clears The Drugs Naturally So You May Pass A Drug Test.Which Way Will You Choose To Pass A Drug Test.Wait Until The Drugs Clear Naturally.   Drugs will naturally clear out of your system over a period of time.  The time frame to pass a drug test can be from a few days to over three months depending on the drug.  Click Here for your drug detection times for all the major drug tests.
  2. Not Trusting Your Fate To Luck Or Urban Legends Will Help Pass A  Drug Test.Trust Fate, Luck Or The Many Urban Legends.  The tricks and techniques that once worked to help you pass a drug test no longer are reliable.  The internet, friends and other unqualified people have fostered so many myths, urban legends and rumors it can be real confusing when trying to learn how to pass a drug test.  Click Here to find out what does not work to pass a drug test.
  3. Trust The Science.  This is the only sure way to pass a drug test in the short-term.  The leaders have all advanced their detox products as the testing technologies have progressed,  To be sure there are many detox products that are available in the marketplace and they are not all created equal.  Always Test Clean’s products are all top of the line products.  We do not provide a long list of products that are confusing and seem to do the same thing.  Click Here To Check Out The Best Products.
  4. Not Doing Drugs Is Not A Sure Way To Pass A Drug Test.Don’t Do Drugs. This strategy to pass any drug test is obvious.  But even this is always not enough.  About 5% of all people fail their drug tests and are not guilty.  The real bad thing is you are not only judged guilty on the spot, but it is up to you to prove your innocence.  Common prescriptions, over the counter medications and even foods can be wrongly identified as illegal drugs or other drugs of concern.  Click Here to find out what can cause a false positive drug test.

How To Pass The Drug Test You Are Facing.

There are four basic drug tests that make up a vast majority of the drug tests given today.  You need to identify the drug test you will be facing before learning or doing anything else.  With each drug test there are strategies you need to consider.  Each of these drug test has its own unique strengths that must be avoided and unique weaknesses that must be taken advantage of in order to be successful in passing your drug test.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Urine.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Urine.

The Urine Drug Test is the most common due to its simplicity to administer, accuracy and immediate results.  

The common urine drug test is also the easiest to beat.  There are more complex (expensive) urine drug tests that are harder to beat, but these are relatively rare and most often used to confirm a failed test when a contested, legal or financial ramification is possible.Click Here To Learn How To Pess A Drug Test For Urine.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Hair.

Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Hair.The Hair Drug Test can detect drug usage in any hair that was growing anywhere on your body at the time you used the drug.

Example:  If you used 12 months ago the hair growing at that time is contaminated, it can be detected.  

The hair drug test can also tell when and how much of a specific drug was used.  However, these specific hair drug tests are rare.Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Hair.

How To Pass A Drug Test For Saliva.

Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Hair.The Saliva Drug Test can be given anytime, anywhere and the results are quick, accurate and immediate.

The saliva drug test is not affected by the standard “tricks” and “techniques” used to beat the urine drug test.  Because of these advantages, the saliva drug test is replacing the urine test.  The saliva drug detection times are generally shorter than the urine test.Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Saliva.

 How To Pass A Drug Test For Blood.

Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Blood.The Blood Drug Test is very accurate, is the least used and has to be administered by a heath care professional.  It is currently the gold standard of drug testing.  The blood drug test most often given by insurance companies or law enforcement.  

NOTE:  You can often expect a urine drug test along with the blood test to provide a more complete overview of the person being tested.Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test For Blood.



How To Pass A Drug Test The First Time.

The obvious, most proven and most reliable way to pass an Alprazolam drug test is to use a leading edge detoxification product.  These products have been proven over decades and literally millions of people.  Trust the science and not the rumors.

Safe – Reliable – Undetectable – Legal

Our products have been recommended by many health care professionals in hospitals, clinics, treatment centers and health care seminars for general detoxification of the body around the world for many years.  Our products ability to detoxify the body in relation to drug testing is just a real nice side effect in which we all can all take legal advantage.  Our products have never be detected and are legal to own and use. They even have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Urine Drug Test

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Hair Drug Test

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Saliva Drug Test

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Blood Drug Test

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How To Increase The Detox Of Your Body Before Your Drug Test.

There are other things one can do in conjunction with a detoxification product to pass any drug test.  The following steps are an easy way to precleanse your body before using one of our detoxification products.  Thee steps outlined below are not necessary with the use of our detoxification products.  They also are not a way to pass a drug test without a detoxification product.  The two just work well together for overall detoxification.

Click Here To Learn How To Pass A Drug Test Safely.

What To Do In The Days Before Your Drug Test:

  • Avoid Alcoholic Beverages Or Any Over-The-Counter Medications. Stop any vitamin routine you might be utilizing.  Above All Try To Limit Or Even Stop Smoking.  All these things can cause you to retain the contaminates you are trying to get out of your body.
  • Get Ready For Your Drug Test.  Gather the information to be ready to tell the people at the testing facility of any and all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications or vitamins you might be taking or have taken in the recent past.  There are over 250 over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and foods that can cause a person to test positive.  Have a copy of all prescriptions with you at your test.  Click Here to learn about products that can cause a false positive drug test.
  • Avoid Any Toxins And Stay Out Of Any Toxic Environment.  Your first line of defense against contaminating your body is always self-discipline. Don’t let the toxins in and they can not hurt you. As far as failing due to second-hand smoke. This is an unknown. Our best advice is do not risk it.
  • Consume Water Continuously – But Not All At Once.  Consume a minimum of (4) 16 ounce glasses of water per day over time. Drinking water will help to flush toxins out of your body, especially when combined with healthy eating and exercise habits. Just sip on water all day long. Suspend this activity the day before your test to allow your body time to reestablish all the markers many drugs tests look for to see if you are trying to beat your test.
  • Exercise The Week Before Your Personal Deadline.  Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism which assists greatly in the detoxification process. But no heavy exercise within 24 hours of test.
  • Be Active. Climb the stairs at work.  Walk the dogs for an extra hour.  Stand at your desk.  Walk to the corner store instead of driving.  Do whatever it takes to boost your metabolism.  Suspend this type of the exercise the day of your drug test.
  • Incorporate A Healthy Diet The Week Prior To Your Personal Deadline. High fat foods, greasy foods (particularly butters, cream sauces, and fried foods) and junk foods have been shown to slow the detoxification process.  Eat fiber rich foods, carbohydrates, vegetables and foods high in protein.
  • Do Not Diet. Eat things that give you energy, but avoid excesses of quick metabolism boosters such as coffee, sugar and products like Red Bull.  You want to keep your body metabolism at a steady and healthy pace.
  • Do Not Skip Breakfast.  Eat often throughout the day, but avoid eating late at night when your body turns those calories into fat.

These Steps Will Not Help For A Hair Drug Test.  The drugs being looked for in the hair drug test are already in your hair and can not be removed without a special hair detoxification product.  Click Here For Information On How To Pass A Drug Test For Hair.


Urban Legends, Myths & False Facts That Are Trouble.

Click Here to learn what not to do to pass a drug test.There are a bunch of urban legends, myths and rumors that have been running around for years that are supposed to help with ways to pass a drug test.  Like just drink a lot of water or substitute something in your urine.

The people who design the tests and the people who give the tests know all the same tricks you know and the tests and testing procedure have long ago been modified to reduce these tricks impact as much as possible.  People that use these tricks and pass are called “lucky” as the science just does not support their passing using these tricks.

Various urban legends, myths and simple tricks have been running around for years on passing a drug test. Legends like just drink a lot of water or place something in your urine are well-known and the tests have been adjusted to compensate. These seem to be most often told to you casually by friends and other “experts”.

These Urban Legends Just Won’t Die.

  • Drinking Lots Of Water Is All You Need To Do.
  • The Gold Seal Rumor Has Been Around For Years.
  • Substitute Synthetic Urine Or Someone Else’s Urine Is Easy To Detect.
  • Drinking Lots Of Cranberry Juice. You Cause A Diluted Drug Test
  • Placing Bleach, Visine, Ammonia or Drano In Your Urine.

. . . and there are many more.

Think About It: If you know these tips, then the testers also know the tips and how to deal with them. The people doing drug tests have seen it all. The tests and testing methods have long ago been adjusted to compensate for their use. Like everything else, technology moves forward.

Many of the urban legends, drug test myths and false tips appear to be driven by people just wanting to sell you some product or just by well-intentioned people who do not understand the drug testing process. Don’t fall for these false tips to pass a drug test just to save a few dollars. Learn, understand and trust the science. Knowledge is your best friend when it comes to passing a drug test.
The Real Truth: People passing a drug test using tricks would have probably passed anyway, but the tricks are still getting the credit.


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