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Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test

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Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test

Instant Clean For A Blood Drug Test Is Legal To Own, Use And Can Not Be Detected.  The Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test contains both Instant Clean and PreCleanse to pass any Blood Drug Test.  Both are from the scientific results of years of research by Detoxify.

Both have been prescribed by many Health Professionals for general detoxification around the world with tens of thousands sold. They are common off-the-shelf-products in the healthcare industry.  You even see them in hospitals. This is the world leading instant cleanser for both the Blood Drug Test and the Urine Drug Test.

Why Are They Legal To Use?  Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test flushes all toxins from your whole body, both blood and urine.  Drugs, medications, prescriptions and even environmental toxins.

Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test’s ability to detoxify the body to pass a Blood Drug Test and Urine Drug Test with the same product is just a real nice side effect in which we all can take advantage.

No one will have the least bit of concern over your use.  No one can detect you have used the Instant Clean and PreCleanse Combo. They all contain only all natural ingredients found in everyday products.


You Might Also Face A Urine Drug Test.

Most often the blood drug test by is ordered by insurance companies.  The insurance company usually requires both a blood test along with a Urine Drug Test to provide substantially different information about you, your health and your personal habits. Another application for blood drug testing with urine drug testing is in the area of legal confirmation or legal justification.  Most often the legal profession also requires both a blood and urine drug test. 

Why A Urine Drug Test Too?  The Urine Drug Test’s detection period is much longer then the blood drug tests detection period.  A Urine Drug Test is often used to determine use of illegal drugs, as well as prescription and over the counter medications that might provide an in-site into your health and personal habits over a much longer period of time.


Instant Clean For A Blood Drug Test Removes All Toxins.  

Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test will remove all contaminates present in your blood and urine stream.

This removal of toxins includes prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, caffeine, nicotine, unhealthy food deposits and/or any environmental contaminates or toxins.  After removing all toxins, Instant Clean will then re-establish all the good nutrients your body needs to be healthy. 

  • Cleans your urine and blood of the drugs, prescriptions and medications your urine and blood drug test detects.
  • Again establishes your normal nutrients so your urine tests normal.
  • Can not be detected, is not illegal to use and is not associated with trying to beat drug tests.

How Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test Works.

Watch This Short Video On The Basics Of Detoxification.  You will be taught how the detoxification process works, as well as the specifics of getting in and staying in the Detoxification Zone so you can pass your urine drug test.

The Basics Of Detoxification
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These Products Are Guaranteed To Work.  

Should you be dissatisfied for any reason with Instant Clean for a Blood Drug Test for any reason, you have a full 100% product guarantee. Lean more about our no questions asked Returns Policy for unused products and our 100% Guarantee if you fail your drug test.

Our Simple Disclaimer.

Nothing in the world is absolute in drug testing.  There are a myriad of factors that can affect the outcome of ones drug test that have absolutely nothing to do with the effectiveness of Instant Clean. These include the testing facilities implementation of your test, your implementation of the instructions and/or other factors like the tester not reading your test correctly or even the testers having out of date tests.  The only way to be absolutely 100% sure never to fail a drug test is never use drugs.



The Program Is Simple:

  1. Instant Clean For A Blood Drug TestFirst – Use PreCleanse.   PreCleanse is necessary to cleanse the blood and not just the metabolites stored in your body.
  2. Next  – Use Instant Clean.  Three capsules taken with water over one hour will flush all the metabolites.
  3. Be In The Detoxification Window.  This opens a 4 hour window in which you can pass a Urine Drug Test.  Pass any urine drug test if your sample is taken in the detoxification window.  You can extend your detoxification window by drinking 32 oz. of water each hour for the next 2 hours.
  4. It’s That Simple.  If You Follow The Instructions, You Will Pass.