XXtra Clean From Detoxify

For The Heavier User

Uses 3+ times Per Week | For Longer Than 3 Months | 200+ Pounds

XXtra XXtra Clean And PreCleanse From Detoxify With a 6 Drug Urine Test.Clean is the cleansing herbal detox drink formulated for people with higher toxin levels. The 20 oz ready-to-drink formula is packed with vitamins, minerals, and a proprietary blend of cleansing herbs.  XXtra Clean is the safest cleansing drink for the Heavier User or those who have been using More Than 3 Times Per Week For More Than 3 Months or those who weigh more than 200 pounds and have a higher body fat level.

Does XXtra Clean Work? You Bet It Does.

The body naturally stores drug by products, called metabolites, in your fatty cells and other fast growing cells (hair and nails) in your body. These metabolites leach out into the blood over time and are expelled mostly through your urinary tract for different periods of time causing you to fail a drug test many weeks or even months in the future.

XXtra Clean flushes all the bad metabolites out of your system and then will reestablish the normally present good metabolites in the quantities the urine drug tests expect.  This is done with safe, natural herbs and ingredients that are available off-the-shelf worldwide.  No one would question these ingredients in your system and they will not negatively affect your drug test results what-so-ever.

XXtra Clean Herbal Can Not Be Detected.

XXtra Clean Herbal has been recommended by many doctors and body cleansing specialists for general body cleansing for over 20 years and has literally sold in the millions. Helping you pass drug test s is not XXtra Clean’s major focus, it is just a real nice side effect in which we can take advantage.   XXtra Clean Is That Simple.  XXtra Clean Is That Safe.  No One Will Know Or Care you Have Used Xxtra Clean. 


We Include PreCleanse To Boost Your Cleansing.

For optimal cleansing you must use PreCleanse, a simple program of six effective capsules taken in the hours before your deadline.   Take a look at our quick video instructions on the use of XXtra Clean.

Video On The Use Of XXtra Clean.


What If I Do Not Have The Time Before My Drug Test To Use PreCleanse?

  If you do not have the time to use PreCleanse in the 48 hours before your drug test, you should choose to use INSTANT CLEAN as this product will be effective with only 1 hour lead time before you test.

Why Buy XXtra Clean From Detoxify?

XXtra Clean from Detoxify Has Significant Advantages:

  • Flat rate shipping is $9.95 and overnight is only $29.95
  • We provide1 4 Panel Drug Test ($20 Value) with each purchase.
  • Our products can not be detected – period.
  • Full purchase price refunded within 30 days if unused.
  • Get XXtra Clean Quickly And Anonymously.
  • Use Visa – MasterCard – Discover – American Express – Debit Cards – PayPal.
  • Order by 5:00 PM East Coast and we ship that day.
  • We ship in a plain box.
  • All ordering is secure.
  • E-mail immediately sent to confirm order with tracking information included.
  • We take your privacy very seriously and do not share your information.

Detoxification Window For XXtra Clean.XXtra Clean Detoxification Window:

The XXtra Clean Detoxification Zone is the time your urine will not have detectable metabolites that can be detected by a urine drug test. 

All detoxification zones have starting points when you can begin to pass and ending points where you no long will be able to pass a drug test for urine.  This is due to the way the body stores and releases the detectable components this drug test detects.

All products that allow a person to pass a urine drug test are based upon getting someone into a detoxification zone.  XXtra Clean From Detoxify is indisputably the market leader in heavy detoxification for urine testing. 

The Urine Detoxification Zone for Ready Clean starts 60 Minutes after you have finished your XXtra Clean program.  The detoxification zone extends to a minimum of minimum of 4 hours and as much as 5 hours after your detoxification window opens.  So you will pass your urine drug testing starting 60 minutes after you finish your XXtra Clean program.

After this time, the metabolites in your fatty cells will leach out into your blood and again contaminate your urine.  This means you would be again at risk of not passing a drug test for urine.


XXtra Clean

User Reviews

By Andrew May 18, 2012

The big drug test or should i say the 3 big drug test | I got a job in the healthcare industry about 3 months ago after i finished college as many of you know in college 80% of all students smoke pot thats just a fact ! so when my employer told me 1 day in advanced that i would have a drug test i did not know what do do i freaked out because i had been toaking for like 8 months straight, i knew that with out help i would not pass this test and would get fired so i looked online and read reviews for this amazing product prior to my test i stopped smoking ( so basically stop smoking for 24 hours) i took about i gallon of water like 4 hours before the test peed everything out then 30 mins before the test i took this drink and it worked passed the test , my employer has since tested me two more times LULZZZZZz and i passed every single time . if you smoke pot and your employer is trying to catch you riding dirty make sure you buy this drink and have it in stock like i do .

By Call Me on October 19, 2011 | Amazing. I owe my job to it.

Great product – Drink entire bottle and however much water it takes you to urinate 3 times in 90 minutes. After the third urination, you are good to go for 5-6 hours. Do not drink insane amounts of water as it will stop the product from working correctly. DO drink a bottle of 12oz of water every 60-90 minutes after the 3rd urination and urinate as needed, don’t hold it in. As long as you can avoid toxins for 48hrs before you use this, its a sure thing.

By Rachel on September 11, 2012 | Totally worked for me!

Here’s the skinny. Before using this product, make sure you’re also not smoking for a few days. I waited 10 days. During that time, I made sure to exercise, drink lots of diet cranberry juice and take my vitamins. The morning of my test I drank the drink 10 swallows at a time. I won’t lie, it tastes like very salty fruit punch and you’re going to want to puke but just power through. Then I drank the bottle of water at the appropriate time. I made sure to pee once at home and I used an at-home test purchased at Walgreens for $17.99 (I had a $3 off coupon so it was just $14.99 and the best money I spent that day!) I was able to see at home that I was going to pass my test so I went into the official test feeling confident. I can happily say I started my new job already and all is well! This stuff was great! I’d definitely use it again.

By JOJO May 19, 2012 | WORKS

It really works I passed 2 test with it both times at Dr.office. They test you before writing scripts..A very long wait

By Brandon on February 9, 2013 | It works!

I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly! I am a regular smoker that weighs 250lbs. Drank the bottle and took an in home test about 5 mins before I took the real deal and passed. Whew!!

By Amy on February 12, 2009 | Just as Described

Follow the directions and you will piss clean every time. I have used this product over 15 times to pass drug tests, and as long as you follow directions, and you aren’t an idiot, you will be just fine. Great product…fast shipping, discrete seller.

By Customer on December 3, 2012 | Works like a charm

This is the best product on the market for rapid cleansing. If you need to cleanse your body very fast, then you should definitely get this product as opposed to some of the others on the

By James on December 16, 2012 | IT WORKS!!!

i use this along with constant cleanse… i usually have a couple bottles of this and green clean in my cabinet… i take them about 2 hours prior to my monthly appointment and it works… i eat clean (plant based diet, low fat), drink a gallon of water/day and exercise regularly…

By Customer on September 22, 2014 | S*** works

I’m 215lb 6 foot followed the directions pissed like 2 hours after I took it s*** works like gold. I thought mine would be too dilated but it was all good.. Needed it for a new job..not some little s*** ass 15$ an hour gig either

By Samantha on July 22, 2015 | Get Xxtra Clean. Don't sweat it.

Used product on 3 occasions for 3 different job offers. Didn’t smoke 2-3 days beforehand, downed the entire contents, refilled with water as it directs and drank that. The third hour is optimal. No problem.

By Customer on February 10, 2016 | IT WORKED!!!

Didn’t buy the product through here, went to a local smoke shop to get it but wanted to write a review for all that have doubts. I’m a heavy, daily smoker and stopped smoking on Monday morning to take test that Wednesday. Took the precleanse (6 pills in a packet, you have to do 6 pills each day, two days prior to testing and drink plenty of water) and the day of the test drank 20 Oz of water every two hours before taking the xxtra clean, drank the extra clean, waited 15 minutes, filled the bottle with water and drank it. Pee 3 Or more times after that prior to testing and keep drinking 20 Oz of water every two hours after that. I also took two Azo cranberry pills the morning of the test. It is essential that the actual test is done within 2-3 hours after drinking the xxtra clean for optimal results. It worked for me, follow the instructions and it will most likely work for you too. P. S. This product is best for people that weigh more than 200lbs.

By jazz on September 8, 2015 | like seriously it works

This works but you have to give yourself a 48 to 72 hour clean time of no smoking… like seriously it works, but if you smoke the night or day of than take hang it up you will fail. Also weight does play a factor in this. So no eating or drinking but water on test day… and no smoking simple… it can’t hurt to stay clean for 2-3 or even 4 days. So stop saying it don’t work yall just avid smokers and messing up. Point blank period.

By Batman on January 27, 2016 | EMPLOYED

This product worked as advertised. I am over 200lbs so I went with this product. If you didn’t pass, you must of not followed directions or must have indulged in toxins within the 48 hours.

By John on March 31, 2014 | Dont misunderstand what this product does.

Everybody thinks this product cleans “toxins” (You know what I’m talking about) out of your system. They try to debunk it saying “THC isn’t water soluble”. Well, this product isn’t pulling or even concealing any specific “toxins” in your system. It’s basically hitting the eject button on your bodies filtration system. It’s telling your body “Ok, you have a lot of stuff stored up, RELEASE IT ALL!”. How does this help you test clean? Because the test isn’t a black/white “HEY THERE’S THC HERE!” It’s detecting to see if there is an acceptable threshold of THC. It’s a ratio game. If the amount of THC in your system stays the same, but you suddenly have 200% more “other stuff” in your urine, and you drink extra water, there is enough “stuff” to say you arent diluted, but by RATIO, you’ve almost guaranteed reduced the level of any tested substance in your system to a safe amount. Let’s explain it this way. You have a ball pit at McDonald’s. Now, they like to party and have a ton of red balls in there. In fact, there are 1000 red balls, 250 Blue, 250 Yellow, and 500 green. That’s a lot of red. But the manager hates red, and anytime he visits, if he just sees a bunch of red balls, he fires everybody. So you add 1000 of each color but red. At the start, 50% of balls were red. Now, however, you have 4000 balls of another color, and 1000 red balls. 25% are now red. The manager thinks this is ok, and nobody gets fired. Now duplicate this by 6.02×10^23 to deal with molecules, you are measuring nanograms per milliliters, and it’s only a hundredth of a percent to begin with. Will this garuntee you pass? No, nothing is certain. But it WILL give you a dramatic boost..

By Shauniqua non September 28, 2015 | LLC Xclean

Been using this stuff for years, easy instructions to follow, one of the best priced detox drinks on the market, does the job! Definitely recommend!!

By Andrew on May 26, 2015 | Works (heavy user)

THIS IS FOR PEOPLE 215LBS AND OVER! OTHERWISE IT WILL COME BACK DILUTED. STUFF WORKS MAN PLAN AND SIMPLE BUT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS AND BE OVER 215LBS!! If you’re under 215, get Q CARBO 10. My girl just used it a couple of months ago and it worked for her. Anybody giving this a negative review probably either was under weight limit or just didn’t use it right. TRUST ME!

By MoonWalkBoots on November 6, 2012 | Some info on this product

I was introduced to this product in 2006 by a cashier at a local head shop. I needed it for a job at a local call center. Basically I used it and it worked. A few things I did during the week leading up to the drug test was: Drink 1-2 gallons of water daily Avoid any and all alcohol (including beer) Avoid fried/greasy foods like chicken, potato chips, McDonalds, etc… Sugary food and drinks That’s about it. Good luck on your test, and may the force be with you..

By Ladylove on January 21, 2013 | This works but it is an aquired taste

I followed the directions and I pee pee five time in an hour … Take this on a day when you are at home just relaxing so after I took it i took an at home drug test an and passed. But the taste is not something that I like it took a while to drink it maybe like 30 min but it does works … WILL BUY AGAIN FOR SURE !!!!!

By Jonas on September 28, 2015 | Five Stars

works as advertised. 3 individual tests.

By Daniel on February 16, 2015 |

Great price. Item had intended effect.

By Emily on September 18, 2015 |

Great product. Quick delivery.

By Customer on January 21, 2016 | Five Stars

Worked for me

By afterdarc on October 3, 2015 | Five Stars

Life saver

By steven on November 12, 2014 | Five Stars


By joe on May 29, 2015 | This product works.

This product works. It will lower your score. It helps to know what level they test at. If your test checks for 50 ng/mL it should work with 2 days of abstaining. If your test is 30 or 15 ng/ml it will take longer

By Joey on February 20, 2015 | Fantastic! It Gets it Done!

It’s a bit harsh, but it got the job done. At least it did for me. Remember to continue drinking plenty of water before hand And after you’ve taken the drink.

By singram on August 5, 2014 | Did the job!

Worked very well.