XXtra Clean From Detoxify

For The Heavier User

Uses 3+ times Per Week | For Longer Than 3 Months | 200+ Pounds

XXtra XXtra Clean And PreCleanse From Detoxify With a 6 Drug Urine Test.Clean is the cleansing herbal detox drink formulated for people with higher toxin levels. The 20 oz ready-to-drink formula is packed with vitamins, minerals, and a proprietary blend of cleansing herbs.  XXtra Clean is the safest cleansing drink for the Heavier User or those who have been using More Than 3 Times Per Week For More Than 3 Months or those who weigh more than 200 pounds and have a higher body fat level.

Does XXtra Clean Work? You Bet It Does.

The body naturally stores drug by products, called metabolites, in your fatty cells and other fast growing cells (hair and nails) in your body. These metabolites leach out into the blood over time and are expelled mostly through your urinary tract for different periods of time causing you to fail a drug test many weeks or even months in the future.

XXtra Clean flushes all the bad metabolites out of your system and then will reestablish the normally present good metabolites in the quantities the urine drug tests expect.  This is done with safe, natural herbs and ingredients that are available off-the-shelf worldwide.  No one would question these ingredients in your system and they will not negatively affect your drug test results what-so-ever.

XXtra Clean Herbal Can Not Be Detected.

XXtra Clean Herbal has been recommended by many doctors and body cleansing specialists for general body cleansing for over 20 years and has literally sold in the millions. Helping you pass drug test s is not XXtra Clean’s major focus, it is just a real nice side effect in which we can take advantage.   XXtra Clean Is That Simple.  XXtra Clean Is That Safe.  No One Will Know Or Care you Have Used Xxtra Clean. 


We Include PreCleanse To Boost Your Cleansing.

For optimal cleansing you must use PreCleanse, a simple program of six effective capsules taken in the hours before your deadline.   Take a look at our quick video instructions on the use of XXtra Clean.

Video On The Use Of XXtra Clean.


What If I Do Not Have The Time Before My Drug Test To Use PreCleanse?

  If you do not have the time to use PreCleanse in the 48 hours before your drug test, you should choose to use INSTANT CLEAN as this product will be effective with only 1 hour lead time before you test.

Why Buy XXtra Clean From Detoxify?

XXtra Clean from Detoxify Has Significant Advantages:

  • Flat rate shipping is $9.95 and overnight is only $29.95
  • We provide1 4 Panel Drug Test ($20 Value) with each purchase.
  • Our products can not be detected – period.
  • Full purchase price refunded within 30 days if unused.
  • Get XXtra Clean Quickly And Anonymously.
  • Use Visa – MasterCard – Discover – American Express – Debit Cards – PayPal.
  • Order by 5:00 PM East Coast and we ship that day.
  • We ship in a plain box.
  • All ordering is secure.
  • E-mail immediately sent to confirm order with tracking information included.
  • We take your privacy very seriously and do not share your information.

Detoxification Window For XXtra Clean.XXtra Clean Detoxification Window:

The XXtra Clean Detoxification Zone is the time your urine will not have detectable metabolites that can be detected by a urine drug test. 

All detoxification zones have starting points when you can begin to pass and ending points where you no long will be able to pass a drug test for urine.  This is due to the way the body stores and releases the detectable components this drug test detects.

All products that allow a person to pass a urine drug test are based upon getting someone into a detoxification zone.  XXtra Clean From Detoxify is indisputably the market leader in heavy detoxification for urine testing. 

The Urine Detoxification Zone for Ready Clean starts 60 Minutes after you have finished your XXtra Clean program.  The detoxification zone extends to a minimum of minimum of 4 hours and as much as 5 hours after your detoxification window opens.  So you will pass your urine drug testing starting 60 minutes after you finish your XXtra Clean program.

After this time, the metabolites in your fatty cells will leach out into your blood and again contaminate your urine.  This means you would be again at risk of not passing a drug test for urine.