Want To Learn To Pass A Drug Test?

You have come to the right place.  Always Test Clean has been focused on teaching people to pass a drug test for almost 20 years.  We are the experts you can rely upon.  You are in good hands with Always Test Clean.

Drug Testing Is Not Perfect.  Not perfect for you nor the people providing the tests.  Some of the drug tests are harder to beat than others, but they all have strengths and weakness.  You learn these, then apply the right strategies and you will have maximized your chances to pass a drug test as much as possible.

You Will Make The Difference.  One can have the perfect strategy and things can still can go wrong.  It can be based upon you not executing your strategy correctly or it could be a screw up on the part of the people providing the tests.  Not every thing is going to be in your control.  Knowledge, your implementation and your reactions can make the critical difference.

Now Let’s Learn How To Pass A Drug Test.  This article is your starting point.  It will lead you through your quest to pass a drug test.  We will tell you what to do and what not to do.  We will explain the ins and outs of each drug test.  We will tell you what to expect at your drug test.  We are here to help you taking each step through this stressful time.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test.

What Are The Critical Subjects?  There are a few.  To get started, you need to identify which drug test you are facing.  There are basically 4 major drug tests you might face.  Each is very different in how it must be approached.  You must also have a reasonable understanding of several other topics that are part of passing a drug test with confidence. 

The Four Main Drug Tests:   

Important Topics To Study:

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Learn How To Pass A Drug Urine Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Urine Drug Test.

By far the most common type of drug test is the simple urinalysis.  This test can be performed at your workplace or you might be sent to a medical facility for them to perform the urinalysis.

We will show you what to do as well as what not to do.  We will identify the most common risks you will face.  We will provide the information you need to make the right decisions to pass a drug test for urine.  You need to attack the urine drug test with the best and most current knowledge available.  

Learn How To Pass A Drug Saliva Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Saliva Drug Test.

All saliva contains traces of orally consumed substances.  Your saliva can also contain traces of substances that have been captured in your saliva from your system through your blood.  The saliva drug test is effective at identifying recent drug usage.  Recent meaning only up to a few days.

The mouth swab test can be used for employment drug screening, for any reasonable suspicion you might be using drugs or to test before you return to work.  It also might be used for just for random testing.  You must be prepared to pass a drug test for saliva at a moments notice.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Hair Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Hair Drug Test.

Contaminates are taken into your body. Your body “metabolizes” these contaminates into “metabolites”. These metabolites move through your blood stream and become entrapped in any hair growing on your body at the time you used. These drug metabolites are now part of and in of all your hair follicles.

The hair drug test usually requires about 1 1/2 inches of your hair.  This sample can be taken from anywhere on your body.  This sample normally provides about a 90 day window into your drug usage.  Under controlled circumstances the hair drug test can not only identify which drug was used, but also can tell when and how much.  To pass a drug test hair is difficult.  You will need special help on this one.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Blood Drug Test.

Learn How To Pass A Blood Drug Test.

Blood drug tests detect the presence of the actual drug in your blood. This test is relatively rare and must be given by a qualified individual in a controlled environment.  It must then be sent off for analysis.

Most often this test is ordered by an insurance company. The insurance company usually requires both a blood test and urine test.  Another application for blood testing is in the area of legal confirmation or legal justification.  To pass a drug test for blood you must be ready for both a blood and urine drug test.

Learn How To Completely Detoxify Your Body Forever.

Completely Detoxify Your Body Forever.

You can rid your body of all toxins and be ready to pass a drug test in just 5 short days.  After this program you will be free of all toxins until you again introduce new ones.  You can then be free to pass a drug test forever.  The only exclusion is the hair drug test.

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Learn The Strengths And Weakness Of Drug Tests.

Learn The Strengths And Weakness Of Drug Tests.

One important aspect to pass a drug test is knowing the unique weaknesses and strengths of the drug test you are facing.  You can take advantage of do’s and don’ts of your specific drug test and catch the testers off guard.

The people giving the tests do not plan for a person who knows all their tricks and procedures.  It is good to take every advantage you can.  Knowledge is power.  Knowledge can make the difference when you need to pass a drug test.

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

How Long Do Drugs Stay In Your System?

You need to know how long drugs stay in your system if you want to pass a drug test with confidence.  Your drug detection time is from when the drug can first be detected until detection is no longer possible.  You will note that drug detection times vary widely as you do your research on the internet.  Drug detection times are quite complex and can be subject to being manipulated longer or shorter depending on the authors goals.

We believe in providing you with your worst case scenario.  The drug detection times you can count on to always pass a drug test for what you are facing.   

Urban Legends, Myths & False Drug Testing Facts.

Urban Legends, Myths & False Drug Testing Facts.

Various urban legends, myths and simple tricks to pass a drug test have been running around for years.  These urban legends seem to have been passed on from friends, unqualified “experts” or a large assortment of shady web sites.  If you know these tricks, then the testers also know the tricks.  The people providing the drug tests have seen it all and know how to deal with all the tricks.

The truth is that the people who pass a drug test using tricks would have probably passed anyway, but the tricks are still getting the credit.  Be safe.  Do your research.  Make your own informed decision before betting on an urban legend to pass a drug test.


Drug Testing Facts And Procedures.

The law doesn’t require private sector organizations to test for drugs, but it advises they can avoid legal complications by following the law’s guidelines  Many companies have taken their cue from the federal government to institute urinalysis drug testing to promote a safe working environment, avoid hiring drug users and pay lower workers’ compensation premiums.

Employer drug-testing programs may, however, be subject to state legislation.  State law might mandate who pays for the test, for example. According to Small Business Services of San Antonio, New Jersey employers must pay for pre-employment drug tests except those for security guard positions, although in general, job candidates finance their own pre-employment testing  The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to pay employees for time spent getting a required drug test, even when it’s one during non-work hours.

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