Learn How To Pass A Drug Test Quickly

Always Test Clean Are The Experts On How To Pass A Drug Test.  Always Test Clean has been focused on teaching people how to pass a drug test for 20 years.  With over 100,000 happy customers, you are in good hands with Always Test Clean.

Learn How To Pass A Drug Test Quickly

We Have Answers To The Questions You Do Not Even Know To Ask.  At the end of this article we have a list of “Common Questions And Drug Testing Facts“.  These questions and facts are the most popular asked by our customers over the past 20 years.  This is a truly amazing source of information in which you can take advantage that is available only in this article.

The Real Truth – Drug Testing Is Not Perfect.  Not perfect for you nor the people providing the tests.  Some drug tests are harder to beat than others, but they all have strengths and weakness.  You learn this, apply the right strategies and you will have maximized your chances to pass any drug test.

The Single Key To Pass Your Drug Test

First And Foremost You Must Identify Which Drug Test You Will Face.Each drug test has its own unique strengths you must avoid and unique weaknesses in which you can take advantage.

Now – Choose The Drug Test You Will Face

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A Few Simple Decisions Can Determine The Outcome Of Your Drug Test.
  1. Each Drug Test Has Unique Strengths And Weaknesses.  Each drug test is based upon a different body source such as your urine, hair, saliva or blood.  Each of these tests has its own unique weaknesses in which you can take advantage and its own unique strengths that you must avoid.
  2. Your Knowledge Can Make The Difference.  One can have the perfect strategy and things can still go wrong.  These missteps can be based upon you not executing your strategy correctly or it could be a screw up on the part of the people providing the tests.  Not everything is going to be in your control.  Your knowledge, your strategy and your implementation will make sure you will Always Test Clean.
  3. Your Strategy Is Yours Alone.  Each person much pick their own strategy.  Whether you choose to only use a detox product or you choose to use a home remedy, the choice and potential outcome is yours alone.

There Are Only 4 Ways To Pass A Drug Test.

You Must Choose One Of These Four Ways To Pass Your Drug Test.
  1. Wait Until Your Body Clears The Drugs Naturally.  All drugs will naturally clear
     out of your system over a period of time.  The time frame to pass a drug test can be from a few days to a few months depending on your drug usage level and the type of drug testing you take.  If you have the time and you wait long enough, this will work 100% of the time.  (This will not work the Hair Follicle Test.)
  2. Trust Your Fate To Urban Legends Or Home Remedies.  Various home remedies, urban legends and myths have been running around for years for passing drug tests.  The tricks and techniques that once worked to help you pass any drug test no longer are reliable.  Always Test Clean has developed an entire article entitled “The Truth About Using Home Remedies“.  Take a few minutes to review this article.
  3. Use The Right Products To Detox For A Drug Test. Using the right products is the only sure was to pass a drug test if you are dirty and do not have the time to wait it out. There are many detox products on the market and they are not all created equal.  Make sure you choose an industry leader that is legal to own, legal to use and cannot be detected.
  4. Don’t Do Drugs.  This strategy to pass any drug test seems obvious.  However, this does not mean you are free from risk.

The Secrets No One Else Will Tell You

There Is So Much Bad Information Out There.  Urban legends never seem to die.  Things that were accurate years ago are no longer valid.  Passing your drug test is to important to rely on outdated information.

Rely On The Information You Can Trust

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Learn How To Detox For A Drug Test.

Watch This Short Video To Learn How To Detox For A Drug Test.

Watch This Short Video.  To detoxify your body is simple in concept, but it is difficult to accomplish without the right information and the right strategy.  Watch this short video to obtain a greater understanding on how to completely detoxify your body before your drug test.

What To Do Before You Take Your Drug Test

Each Drug Test Has Strengths To Avoid And Weakness In Which To Take Advantage.

Exploit The Pros And Avoid The Cons.

How To Pass A Drug Test "The To Do's And Not To Do's."

Knowing What To Do And What Not To Passing A Drug Test. There are many strategies one can do in conjunction with detoxification for passing a drug test.

What To Do In The Days Before Your Drug Test.

  1. Take The Time To Get Ready For Your Test.  Gather the information you might need.  Be ready to tell the people at the testing facility about any and all prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications or vitamins you might be taking.  There are over 250 over-the-counter medications, prescriptions and foods that can cause a person to test positive.  For more information on this topic see “You Can Fail And Not Be Guilty“. Make sure you take a copy of all prescriptions with you at your test.
  2. Avoid Any Toxins And Stay Out Of Any Toxic Environment.  Your first line of defense against contaminating your body is always self-discipline.  Don’t let the toxins in and they can not hurt you.  As far as failing due to second-hand smoke. There are no published studies that indicate that someone would test positive due to casual smoke exposure (e.g., a party, concert, etc.).  However, the companies that make the drug tests are not so sure.  Dominion Diagnostics’ study Suggest Secondhand Smoke Can Be Detected in some cases.  Our best advice is do not risk it before your testing.
  3. Consume Water Continuously – But Not All At Once .  Consume a minimum of (4) 16-ounce glasses of water per day over time.  Drinking water will help to flush toxins out of your body, especially when combined with healthy eating and exercise habits.  Just sip on water all day long.  IMPORTANT:  Suspend this activity about 24 hours before your test to allow your body time to reestablish all the markers many drugs tests look for to see if you are trying to beat your test.
  4. Exercise The Week Before Your Personal Deadline.  Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism which assists greatly in the detoxification process.  However, no heavy exercise within 24 hours of test.
  5. Be Active.  Climb the stairs at work.  Walk the dog for an extra hour.  Stand at your desk.  Walk to the corner store instead of driving.  Do whatever it takes to boost your metabolism.  IMPORTANT:  Suspend this type of the exercise 24 hours before your test.
  6. Incorporate A Healthy Diet The Week Prior To Your Personal Deadline.  High fat foods, greasy foods (particularly butters, cream sauces, and fried foods) and junk foods have been shown to slow the detoxification process.  Eat fiber rich foods, carbohydrates, vegetables and foods high in protein.

The Morning Of Drug Test To Do’s

  • Boost Your Fluid Input Along With Water. This will stimulate urination and will help flush your system.  Fluids like coffee, tea, and cranberry juice could help.
  • Urinate Before Your Test.  Drug metabolites build up in your body while you’re sleeping, so your first stream of the day will have a higher concentration of these metabolites.  Make sure you urinate at least once before you have to take the sample.
  • Urinate Before Your Sample.  If you aren’t being watched, make sure to urinate some in the toilet first and then in the sample cup.  Your initial urine stream will contain more metabolites.

The Truth About The Home Remedies To Pass A Drug Test.

The Home Remedies To Pass A Drug Test.  Various home remedies, urban legends and myths that have become “the facts” everyone believes can help them pass a drug test.  These urban legends seem to be most often told to you casually by friends, other “experts” or various unqualified web sites.  Home remedies like just drink a lot of water, use niacin or cranberry juice or even just place something in your urine are all well-known.

The People Giving The Tests Know All The Tricks Too.  Some of the home remedies might have worked 10 years ago, but the home remedies that work today are few and far between.  The testers and the manufactures have adjusted the tests and testing processes to compensate.  Always Test Clean has assembled the most comprehensive list of “Home Remedies To Pass A Drug Test” on the internet today.  Use this resource.  It’s Free.

Like everything else, technology moves forward.  People that use these home remedies and pass are called “lucky” as the science just does not support their passing using these tricks.  

The Real Truth: People that pass a drug test using tricks would have probably passed anyway, but the home remedies are still getting the credit.

What Not To Do In The Days Before Your Drug Test.

  1. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages Or Any Over-The-Counter Medications.  Stop any vitamin routine you might be utilizing.  Stop with over the counter medications as they can cause you to fail.  Do not stop using your prescription medications.  However, do take your prescriptions to the drug test.  Do not offer the prescriptions as evidence unless the testers request the information.
  2. Try To Limit Or Even Stop Smoking.  The less toxins your body has to deal with the faster you will detoxify overall.  You do not want to cause your body need to work harder to eliminate toxins or even have more toxins to eliminate.
  3. Do Not Diet.  Eat things that give you energy but avoid excesses of quick metabolism boosters such as coffee, sugar and products like Red Bull.  You want to keep your body metabolism at a steady and healthy pace.
  4. Do Not Skip Breakfast.  Eat small servings often throughout the day.  However, avoid eating late at night when your body turns those calories into fat.  Fat is where the body stores excess drugs.

Customer Questions And Drug Testing Facts

Questions And Answers About How To Pass A Drug Test

Customer Questions With Expert Answers On Drug Testing.  The Questions You Did Not Even Know To Ask.

We Have Answers To The Questions You Do Not Even Know To Ask.  In 20 years, we have heard it all.  Trust the experts and not the rumors and myths.

Over the last 20 years, Always Test Clean has been Expertly Answering Questions on drug tests from people just like you.  Below, we have published some of the most common questions on “How Long Drugs Will Stay In Your System“, as well as how to how to flush drugs out of your system quickly and without detection.

Ask Our Experts On How To Pass A Drug Test.We Are The Experts You Can Trust.  The definition of an expert is someone having special skills or knowledge derived from training or experience.  In our 20 years in business, we have sold 125,000 products to over 100,000 customers.  During this period many competitors have come and gone.  We are still here and helping people, just like you, on their journey to successful detoxification for a drug test. 

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