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Drug Testing Types.

Knowing The Drug Testing Type You Face Is Critical.  There are four major types you might be facing. Each of these types has its own specific strengths in which you take advantage and weaknesses you need to avoid.

Take your time and read all the material we have provided for passing a drug test reliably.  Passing a drug test just takes time, knowledge and commitment.

The Bottom Line On Drug Testing.  However, nothing in the world is absolutes.  There are a myriad of factors that can affect the outcome of drug testing that have absolutely nothing to do with the effectiveness of your efforts.  These factors are totally our of our control and can effect the outcome of passing a drug test.

The factors out of your control include the drug testing facilities, the implementation of your test, your implementation of the instructions and/or other factors like the tester not reading your drug testing correctly.  The only way to be absolutely 100% sure of your passing a drug test is never use drugs.


For Passing A Urine Drug Test.

Learn About Passing A Urine Drug Test.Urine Drug Testing is the most common due to its simplicity to administer, accuracy and immediate results.  

Urine testing is also the easiest to beat.  There are more complex (expensive) available for urine drug testing that are harder to beat.  These are relatively rare and most often used to confirm a failed test when a contested, legal or financial ramification is possible.

For Passing A Hair Drug Test.

Learn About Passing A Hair Drug Test.

Hair follicle drug testing can detect drug usage in any hair that was growing anywhere on your body at the time you used the drug.  Even pubic hair.

Example:  If you used 12 months ago the hair growing at that time is still on your body, it can be detected.  

Hair drug testing can also tell when and how much of a specific drug was used.

For Passing A Mouth Swab Drug Test.

Learn About Passing A Mouth Swab Saliva Drug Test.Saliva testing can be given at anytime, anywhere and by anyone.  The saliva testing results are also very accurate and immediate.

Saliva testing does not require taking, handling and storing a urine sample.  Because of these advantages, mouth swab drug testing is replacing urine testing.  Saliva drug detection times are generally shorter than urine testing.

For Passing A Blood Test.

Learn About Passing A Blood Drug Test.Blood testing for drugs is very accurate, is the least used and must be administered by a heath care professional.  It is the gold standard of drug testing.  Blood testing most often given by insurance companies or law enforcement.  

NOTE:  Expect a urine drug test with a blood test.  The combination of these tests provides both a short and long-term look at your usage.



For Passing A Drug Test There Is Nothing Better Than The Right Product.  Many people just don’t get it.  With the drug testing along with the associated polices and procedures, there is just no reasonable alternative for passing a drug test other than utilizing the best products and procedures possible.  All the tricks and urban legends are not going to hack it. 

You Need The Right Help For Passing A Drug Test.  You need help and the following products are the ones best suited to helping you in passing a drug test. Sure there are lots of products on the market today for passing a drug test.  But these are the gold standard.  The ones that have been around the longest.  The ones that continue to outsell the rest.

Best For Urine Drug Testing.

Instant Clean Far Passing A Urine Drug Test.

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Best For Hair Drug Testing.

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Best For Saliva Drug Testing.

Ultra Wash Mouthwash  Far Passing A Mouth Swab Saliva Drug Test.

 Ultra Wash Mouthwash

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Best For Blood Drug Testing.

Instant Clean For Passing A Blood Drug Test.

Instant Clean

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