Detoxify Your Body With Ever Clean

The Ever Clean Detox Program Will Work For You. Please read through all pf the following information on detoxifying your body and the instructions on the use of Ever Clean.

The Process To Detoxify Your Body Normally Takes Time.  The good news is the body is normally quite capable to detoxify your body on its own. The bad news is this natural detoxification process can take months and sometimes we just don’t have months to wait.  If you have 5 days to detox for your personal deadline, then Ever Clean Detox is the way to go.

Your Body Is Actually Detoxifying All The Time.  Your liver and kidneys are constantly eliminating toxins that the body is exposed to and is eliminating waste that the body makes in day-to-day life. There are now hundreds if not thousands of chemical exposures the body must learn to eliminate.  In many situations your body can be over whelmed.  At that point your body will begin to will be buildup these toxins mostly in the fatty cells in your body.

Even when our bodies make energy, metabolic waste is being generated.  This is similar to burning a log for heat and having leftover ashes.  Unfortunately, in addition to the metabolic waste that our bodies generate, we are taking in waste from our environment.  This along with poor diets, poor sleep, inactivity and emotional stress is leading to the onset of more chronic diseases at younger and younger ages.

Detox Your Body Forever

5 Days And You Are Free From Drugs Forever.  Unless you choose to reintroduce new ones.

Buy Ever Clean From Detoxify

Ever Clean Will Detoxify Your Body Completely. 

You Now Can Detox Your Body Quickly And Permanently With Ever Clean by Detoxify.  For those who would like to detox their body permanently from all sources there is the Detoxify Ever Clean 5 Day Detox Program.  Think of it.  In 5 easy days you are clean forever.  That is unless you reintroduce new toxins.

Ever Clean Detox is designed to completely detoxify your body. Ever Clean Detox completely removes prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, caffeine residue, nicotine, unhealthy food deposits and/or any environmental contaminates.  Again, you will be toxin free until you choose to reintroduce new ones.

Learn How To Detox For A Drug Test.

Watch This Short Video To Learn How To Detox For A Drug Test.

Watch This Short Video.  To detoxify your body is simple in concept, but it is difficult to accomplish without the right information and the right strategy.  Watch this short video to obtain a greater understanding on how to completely detoxify your body before your drug test.

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Ever Clean Detox Program Has Two Steps.

  1. A 4 Day Detoxification Process.  Drink a single Ever Clean Precleanse bottle each day.  The fatty cells in your body are where most of the toxins have been trapped  The toxins usually leach out slowly over time.  This is why it takes your body, by itself, so long to detoxify completely. They need help to be flushed quickly out of this area of your body first.  Ever Clean Precleanse speeds that process up.  It gets the toxins completely out of your body as quickly and safely as possible.  We can only speed this process up so much.  It is just going to take 4 days.
  2. The Final Day Of Intensive Cleansing.  On the final day you need to take the Final Intensive Cleansing.  This cleansing will flush any and all left over toxins that are in your system. You are now clean.  Again, only clean until you reintroduce new toxins.

Good Strategies To Follow During Your Ever Clean Detox Program.You Must Detoxify Your Body Completely To Pass A Drug Test.

  • Your First Line Of Defense Is Always Abstinence.  Don’t let the toxins in and they can not be detected.  Avoid using any toxins and/or be in any toxic environment before your deadline.
  • Incorporate A Healthy Diet The Week Prior To Your Personal Deadline.  High fat foods, greasy foods (particularly butters, cream sauces, and fried foods) and junk foods have been shown to slow the detoxification process.  Eat fiber, carbohydrates, vegetables and foods high in protein.
  • Eat Things That Give You Energy.  But avoid excesses of quick metabolism boosters such as coffee, sugar and Red Bull.  Especially when taken in large quantities, these will be consumed by the body quickly and lead your metabolism to ‘crash’ as soon as the sugar and caffeine runs out.  You want to keep your body metabolism at a steady, hearty pace all day long.
  • Do Not Go On A Crash Diet.  When you diet your body panics because it thinks you’re starving.  Your metabolism will drop and your body will hold on to those fat cells even tighter than before.
  • Avoid Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, Over-the-counter Drugs And Any Unnecessary Medications. 
  • Drink Lots Of Water.  Consume water continuously and SPECIFICALLY NOT ALL AT ONCE.  For at least (2) days prior to the day of your deadline consume a minimum of (6) 16 ounce glasses of water per day over time.  Water is a catalyst to the body’s natural detoxification process.  Drinking water will help to flush toxins out of your body, especially when combined with healthy eating and exercise habits.  Just keep some water by you and sip on it all day long.
  • Exercise The Week Leading To Your Deadline.  Aerobic exercise raises your metabolism which assists greatly in the detoxification process.  Exercise every day until 24 hours before your personal goals.  To burn the metabolite-containing fat cells, exercise regularly every day (twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes if possible).  Be active. Climb the stairs at work.   Walk the dogs for an extra hour.  Stand at your desk.   Walk to the corner store instead of driving.  Do whatever it takes to burn the fat and boost your metabolism – but DO NOT DIET. 

Caution:  The Hair Drug Test.

The Ever Clean Detox Program will not clean the hair that is already on your body.  The toxins are already encased in the part of the hair follicle that was growing when the toxins were introduced into your body.  Any hair that grows after completely the Ever Clean Detox Program will be free of toxins.  To clean the hair already on your body you must use Ultra Clean Shampoo.

Instructions For The Ever Clean Detox Program.

There are three steps to this program.  We suggest you study the following 3 steps completely before you begin your Ever Clean Detox Program.  

Step 1 – Watch This Short Video On Ever Clean.

You will notice some slight difference in the packaging of Ever Clean.  The box you have might look a bit different from the box in the video.  Don’t worry.  This is just new packaging.  Everything on the inside is the same.

[vplayer id=132542]

Step 2 – Use The Ever Clean Program To Detoxify Your Body.

The Ever Clean 5 Day Detox Program is made up of several parts.  Part one of the Ever Clean instructions is to complete the Ever Clean 5 Day Program to detoxify your body.  Other parts are to control your stress, control the kinds of things you put into your system and do the simple things that will lead up to the total detoxification of your body.

Ever Clean Instructions For Pre-Cleansing.

Follow these simple Ever Clean Instructions for each of the first (4) days prior to your Final Intensive Cleansing day:

  • Shake a bottle of Ever Clean PreCleanse Blend and drink it followed by (1) 16 oz. glass of water.
  • Throughout the day drink (5) 16 oz. glasses of water.  It is best not to drink the water all at once, but sip on the glasses all day long. You can drink more water if desired, but don’t overdo it.  No more than (8) 16 oz. glasses in one day if you spread them out over the entire day.
  • Eat light meals throughout the day based upon our Detox Menu.

Final Intensive Cleansing Ever Clean Instructions.

On the fifth day, follow these simple Ever Clean Instructions For The FINAL INTENSIVE CLEANSING and you will notice Ever Clean immediate impact to detoxify your body.:

  1. Shake your Intensive Cleansing Blend well and drink the entire contents of the bottle.  Then wait 10 minutes.
  2. Drink 32 oz. of water within 5 minutes.
  3. Urinate frequently.  Urinating 3 -4 times indicates you are experiencing the optimal cleansing that Ever Clean provides.
  4. You make drink 16 oz. of water ever 2 hours after using Ever Clean for the next few days.

Step 3 – RU Clean 12 Instructions.

RU Clean Tests Are Professional Grade.  We are really not supposed to sell these forensic urine tests to the general public.  You will see in the documentation they are for forensic use only.  These Urine Tests are the same CLIA Waived Drug Tests you will be facing at your screening.  RU Clean’s are not the cheap ones you typically find on the internet, Walmert or in your local store.

  • 99% Accuracy – Same As Tests Used By Professionals.
  • Easy And Quick To Use.
  • Easy To Read Results.
  • Results In 5 Minutes.
  • 2 Year Shelf Life.
  • Self Testing Is Confidential And Anonymous.

What Can RU Clean 12 Find?

Let’s Face It.  Most people on a detoxification program are most concerned with cleaning out various drugs and/or from their system.  This might include prescription medications, recreational drugs and/or many non-prescription medications.  Many illegal drugs are available in prescription medications.  This is a subject that is much to complex for this article.  AS you can see from the list of drugs below, many common prescription drugs contain components that are derived from drugs that are illegal to own.

The RU Clean 12 is the top of the line detection device.  These Urine Tests can find all of the most common drugs in your system.  It can also tell you there are not any of these drugs in your system.

  1. Marijuana (THC)
  2. Cocaine / Crack (COC)
  3. Opiates (OPI) | Heroin, Codeine
  4. Oxycodone (OXY) | Oxycodone, Vicodin, Oxycontin
  5. Amphetamines (AMP) | Ritalin, Dexedrine
  6. Methamphetamines (mAMP) | Crystal Meth
  7. Benzodiazepines (BZO) | Xanax, Valium
  8. Barbiturates (BAR) | Amytal, Nembutal, Secona
  9. Methadone (MTD)
  10. PCP
  11. Ecstasy (MDMA)
  12. Propoxyphene (PPX) | Darvocet, Hydrochloride

The RU Clean 12 Drug Urine Test.

RU Clean 12 Drug Urine Test.

  1. Each drug has its own test area. 
  2. You can be toxic for one drug and not toxic for another.
  3. The Urine Test is read from the front and back.  There are 6 independent tests on the front of the test and another 6 independent 6 tests on the back of the test.
  4. The Urine Test can not only detect the target drug, but can detect any prescription or over the counter medication that contains any amount of the target drug.

Instructions For The Use Of RU Clean 12.

Instructions For The Use Of RU Clean. How To Read The Results Of Your RU Clean Instructions For The Use Of RU Clean 6 Drug Urine Test.

  1. Let the The Urine Test reach room temperature.   
  2. Take the The Urine Test out of the wrapper.
  3. Collect urine sample in small disposable paper or plastic cup.
  4. Dip “Test Strip” in urine for 10 seconds up to the middle of the test strips.
  5. Do not allow the urine to contact plastic housing.
  6. Set on a flat surface.
  7. Read results after 5 – 7 minutes.  No More – No Less.

How To Read The Urine Test Results.

RU Clean Instructions To Identify Passing An Instant Clean Detox Program.

  • Pass – Two colored bands will appear, one in the control area (C) and one in the testing area (T). This negative (passing) result indicates that toxins are either absent or less than the detection level of the examination. 
  • Pass Marginal – Any faint line in the (T) could indicate that the toxin in the sample could be near the cut-off level for this urine drug test.  However, any line in the (T), no matter how faint, should be interpreted as a negative (passing) result.
  • Fail – Only one colored band appears in the (C) with no apparent band in the (T).  This is a positive (failing) result.  A positive (failing) result indicates that the toxin is present in the at or exceeding the detection level of the examination.
  • Invalid – No band appears in the (C), or a band appears in the (T).  An invalid result may be due to improper procedures or damage of the device.  The RU Clean Test is inconclusive and your specimen should be repeated using a new RU Clean Test.
  • Time Fault – If the urine test is left standing for longer than 10 minutes, the intensity of the colored lines may change and or for technical reasons, a faint line may appear in the (T) that should not be interpreted.  No conclusion should be drawn from a Time Fault RU Clean Test.

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