Learn About Our Returns And Credits Policies

All Of Our Products Come With A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  No questions asked.  Just return the product(s) and you can get a replacement sent overnight or a full product refund. That is a good guarantee.

Follow our guidelines for Always Test Clean Returns And Credits to receive the best support and information in a timely and effective manner.  Experience has shown it works!  Your information will get to the right people much faster.

  1. We Must Receive Your Return Within 30 Days. We must RECEIVE your returned product within 30 days of the date you received the product. Returns requested after (30) days must be pre-approved and may be subject to a 25% restocking charge. Please use the e-mail form on this page for this request.
  2. We Can Not Accept Damaged Products As Returns. Please be careful and return the products in the same packaging as they were shipped to you to reduce the chances of damage. Also, it would be a good idea to send the returns to us via a service where you can track the product to us.
  3. The Returned Products Must:
    1. Be In Unused And Unopened Condition.
    2. All Product Seals Must Be In Place.
    3. Be In Our Original Packing Box.
    4. Contain Original Packing Slip. Usually a small white piece of paper with a bunch of printing on it.  (This is very important so our system can identify you and your order then get your refund to you as quickly as possible.  Please do not skip this step.  It will slow down your refund.)
  4. Partial Returns Are Not Allowed. Return all the products from your order. This means you must return all the products ordered and received with your order to be eligible for any refund.
  5. Shipping Costs Will Not Be Refunded. Shipping was provided to you per your request. We have already paid for this product and service and you have received this product and service.
  6. Do Not Refuse Delivery From Shipper. As stated before, if you refuse delivery your shipment is returned to an Amazon dead returns location with no real way for them to identify who returned the product.  It is very difficult if not impossible to identify the location of your return or even verify if you did return the products.  Do not refuse your delivery from the carrier or pay there is a good chance you will not receive any return credit at all.
  7. Do Not Send Postage Collect. We will not accept any returns postage collect. Any returns sent postage collect will be returned to the sender.
  8. Please Do Not Call The ATC Phone Number. Please do not call the ATC main phone number for Returns And Credits support. They are not set up to help you with Returns And Credits issues and they will refer you to this page.  Save yourself a step and a bunch of time.  Use the e-mail below to contact us for Returns And Credits support.
  9. We Do All Returns On Wednesdays. We will credit to your original credit card within two Wednesdays after we receive the return of your product.
  10. When Will You Get Your Refund? The time you might actually see the credit on your statement is under the control of your bank. We do not have any control what-so-ever over this time frame.

Amazon.com Ships Directly To You

We have chosen Amazon to ship your products to you both in the United States and the EU (England, France, Germany, Italy, ETC).  We have found this is the quickest and most reliable way to get your product(s) to you.  However, you cannot return the products to Amazon and expect ATC to honor the 30 day money back return policy.

Your Shipping And Billing Information Must Be Accurate.

Your Error.  Once we release your shipment to Amazon, we no longer are responsible for shipping errors that are caused by you, the customer.  We can not provide a refund until you correct your error and/or have the product returned to our facility per the Returns And Credits Policy stated above.

Our Error:  Should we make an error in shipping, we will provide a full refund of your shipping costs or a full and complete refund of your purchase after the product is returned to our facility per the Returns And Credits Policy stated above.

You Can Not Call Amazon For Support.

You Can Not Receive Shipment Or Product Support From Amazon.  You are not an Amazon customer.  They will not be able to provide any information to you.  They might not even know you purchased the product from us.  They just ship for us to you under a world-wide shipping only contract.

We inventory large amounts of products at the over 40 Amazon warehouses in the United States and EU. Product and shipping support must come from us and we have an excellent support organization that has been helping our customers for well over 15 years.

There are no exceptions.  Any products returned to Amazon will not receive a timely return credit.  This does not mean we will not attempt to find your product and get the return to you.  It just might take some time.  Expect well over 30 days in the case you refuse your shipment or return the shipment to Amazon.   And, there is a good chance you will not receive any return credit at all.

Why Not Return to Amazon?

If you refuse delivery your shipment or return the shipment to Amazon, it is returned to an Amazon dead returns location with no real way for them or us to identify who sent the shipment back.  It is just the nature of the beast right now and that is what we have to work with.

It is very difficult if not sometimes impossible to identify the location of your return or even verify if you did return the product(s). The bottom line is do not refuse your delivery from the carrier or ship the product back to Amazon and expect us to provide the same timely support as if you followed our Returns And Shipping policies.   Enough said.  Hopefully, you get the idea.

Where and How To Return Your Products

You Do Not Need A Confirming E-Mail From ATC Before Returning Your Product(s). You should make sure you have included all the products we originally shipped to you. It would be a good idea to use the same shipping material. Shipping in flimsy boxes or enveloped will damage your product and your refund might be denied.

Go Ahead And Ship Your Return To This Address:

ATC Depot
Attention: Returns
150 Wildmere Drive
Suite 108
Longwood, Florida 32750

  • We suggest you send the products in the original packaging.
  • Please make sure you keep your return shipping information is case the products are lost or damaged.
  • Sending via some shipping media with a tracking number can be very helpful.
  • We can not be responsible for products that are damaged in your return shipment.

Contact Our Returns And Credits Team

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